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June 29, 2020

5 Tips For Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Spaces In Your Inspirada Home

It’s natural for homeowners to think of the home and backyard as two separate spaces with a strict boundary in between. Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces — even if it’s only a seating area — can help bring the outside indoors. Pulling this off doesn’t require a large budget, though. Simple decorative choices can help blur the boundary between the two areas. Take a look at some of these indoor-outdoor room ideas to help you merge these spaces in your Inspirada home.

Choose Your Materials

If you want to create a sense of flow to the outdoors, continue the same design scheme used in the adjacent rooms. Use similar furniture styles, rugs, and other accessories to tie the two spaces together cohesively. You can even extend the floor to the exterior to draw the eye out and make the area appear larger — just make sure that tiles used outside are suitable for use in any weather. Also, the grout should be the same color for an uninterrupted design.

Create a Seamless Transition

Collapsible doors, screened enclosures, and large windows provide the perfect opportunity to blend your indoor and outdoor living environments. You can even incorporate a corner window into a specific area of your home to bring the outdoors in, even if it’s just your own backyard. A corner window not only makes you feel as if you are part of the view, but this spot will most likely become the highlight of your Inspirada home.

Light Up Exterior Spaces

A thoughtfully-planned lighting scheme can help make exterior living spaces look and feel as cozy and inviting as the interior of the home. Think of lighting paths, the edge of garden beds, or walls and fences to highlight various features in your backyard. Additionally, outdoor pendant lights can be hung over a dining table, while exterior table lamps can help make outdoor seating areas cozy and intimate during an evening of entertaining.

Surround Yourself With Greenery

Adding plants where the home meets the backyard is a clever way to merge the two living areas. This can be accomplished indoors by positioning plants by a doorway or window. Sizeable plants are ideal; however, you’ll want to think about the shape and density of foliage in order to keep light coming in and maintain views. Outside, position plants close to the house to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces. You can even build raised planter boxes so that plants are at eye level when you’re seated on a sofa or at a table.

Create an Outdoor Room

Furnish the backyard as you would the indoors to make it feel like a continuation of the space. Made-for-outdoors seating is designed to withstand the elements, and you can choose from a variety of pieces to create social groupings in your outdoor space. Incorporate side tables to keep drinks at hand or gather seating around a coffee table. You can also add functional elements like an outdoor kitchen, bar, or fire feature so that it becomes a spot where people want to hang out.

Connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces doesn’t require a full renovation. With some planning and design strategy, you can craft the perfect oasis in your own backyard. Are you searching for a new home where you can link your living areas? Take a virtual tour of move-in ready homes at Inspirada to start your search today!


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