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March 1, 2022

A Guide to the Best Hikes Near Your Inspirada Home

Are you looking for a great way to join the active Henderson community and enjoy the outdoors this weekend? You’re in luck! Inspirada is just minutes away from some of the most breathtaking views in the Las Vegas Valley area. With so many parks and trails to choose from, every weekend can be an adventure for you and your Inspirada family.

Be sure to check each park’s website to find details on parking and fees, additional trail information, and park news updates.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

A quick 15-minute drive is all it takes to get you from your Inspirada home to the heart of the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. Explore the North McCullough Wilderness and view historic petroglyphs.

The area has trails suited for every experience level:

  • Easy:

Petroglyph Canyon Trail:

Explore the many petroglyphs of the historic area as you hike along this easy 4-mile loop. The best time to visit Petroglyph Canyon Trail is between March and October.

  • Moderate:

McCullough Hills Trail:

Climbing nearly 1,800 feet in elevation, this 16-mile, out-and-back trail is great for a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and trail running. Bring along your furry friends too! Just make sure they have a leash.

  • Hard:

Black Mountain Trail:

This moderately trafficked 6.8-mile trail takes hikers and their four-legged trail buddies up over 2,000 feet in elevation. The start of the trail is deceptively simple, but the grade spikes toward the end. There is not an abundance of shade on this trail, so it is recommended hikers travel here in the cooler months between September and May.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Spanning across parts of Nevada and Arizona, Lake Mead National Recreation Area gives visitors so much to explore just a quick 30-minute drive from Henderson. Dubbed America’s most diverse national recreation area, you’ll find tons to do here!

Are you looking to fill your day, or even weekend, with more than just a hike? Check out the area’s camping, fishing, boating, and more!

Can’t-miss trails in the area, by skill level:

  • Easy:

Railroad Tunnel Trail:

Grab your furry friends and explore this beautiful 7-mile hike near the Hoover Dam. With an elevation gain of fewer than 700 feet and accessibility year-round, Railroad Tunnel Trail is a great go-to for an easy weekend hike.

Bluffs Trail:

This easy 2.6-mile trail is the perfect leisurely weekend hike. Bring the kids, grandparents, and family dogs with you as you stroll along the beautiful Las Vegas Creek.

  • Moderate:

Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Trail:

Just across the Arizona border, this popular 6-mile hike has one exciting feature you might’ve guessed from its name: hot springs. Due to a lack of shade along the way, this trail is closed during the hotter summer months.

Liberty Bell Arch:

Starting at the same trailhead as the Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Trail, this 5-mile out-and-back trail is accessible to both dogs and their humans year-round. Breathtaking views of the Colorado River are just one of the many reasons this trail is a favorite among hikers.

  • Hard:

Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail:

This popular trail takes hikers through nearly 4.5 miles of beautiful canyon views to secluded hot spring pools. The strenuous trek is well worth the effort for adventure lovers who think scaling boulders and climbing ropes across rivers makes for the perfect hike.

Red Rock Canyon National Park

At 45 minutes outside of Henderson, Red Rock Canyon National Park is the furthest of the options listed. From easy nature walks to strenuous climbs toward breathtaking views, there is a trail here for every experience level!

Don’t overlook one of these trails during your visit:

  • Easy:

Moenkopi Trail:

Hikers can bring their leashed dogs along on this 2-mile hike year-round. Follow along the beautiful limestone ridge or hop on connecting trails to access an additional 2 miles of easy hiking in the Calico Hills area.

  • Moderate:

White Rock / La Madre Springs Loop Trail:

As the highest point in the park, La Madre offers beautiful scenic views in addition to the trail’s hidden oasis feel. The 7.5-mile climb with an elevation gain of nearly 1,500 feet is best enjoyed in the cooler months between September and March.

North Oak Creek Trail:

You’ll find plenty of dogs and horses along this 4.7-mile loop. With views of snow-capped mountains in the winter and wildflowers along flowing creeks in the spring, a trip to the North Oak Creek Trail between October and May is an experience you’re not likely to forget!

  • Hard:

Ice Box Canyon:

There are some spectacular views from Ice Box Canyon, but you must work to see them. Hiking shoes are strongly recommended due to rocky terrain. Dogs are allowed on leashes, but keep in mind the 2.3-mile trail can be tough on your friend’s paws.

Turtlehead Peak Trail:

At nearly 5 miles and a 2,000-foot gain in elevation, this out-and-back trail is very challenging. You won’t find a lot of the trees and creeks you get along other Red Rock Canyon trails here, but hikers say the view from the top makes the difficult trail worth the trek.

Residents of the active Henderson community don’t have to travel far to see the beautiful outdoors. If you’re ready for a road trip, check out this list of 12 natural wonders less than 5 hours from Henderson.

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