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January 31, 2019

The Resolutions You Really Should Be Making

80% of people fail to stick to their resolutions for longer than six weeks.

If we’re being honest, we often set ourselves up to fail because our resolutions are lofty or vague.

Maybe you’ve listed things that you don’t even want but feel like you should want. Your neighbor’s goal of reading 3 books a month sounded like something you should want to do, but with the looming mountain of laundry, Netflix is feeling like a better alternative for your limited free time at your Inspirada home.

Life can feel like a constant juggle. But, if you’re setting the right goals, they can turn into healthy habits that enrich your life.

There are a few resolutions that are worth keeping and fighting for — and lucky you; you can accomplish them all without leaving the neighborhood.

  1. Get Outside

55% of resolutions are health-related — but, often, we mistakenly think we have to go to the gym to reach them. An alternative to traveling to the gym for time on the treadmill? Tying up your walking shoes and walking a trail outside.

If you have little ones, bring them along. Exploring the outdoors together can forge a family bond and provide a much-needed reprieve from electronics.

Additionally, the simple act of being outside can reduce anxiety and stress.

Besides reducing inflammation, fighting depression, improving your ability to focus, and lowering blood pressure, researchers have found that spending time outside can reduce levels of cortisol, the pesky hormone associated with stress.

Inspirada has miles of trails and quick access to Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, so it’s simple to get some fresh air.

The resolution: Get outside for a minimum of 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

  1. Eat Local Produce

Forget the diets and calculating carb levels; the simple act of adding nourishing greens and locally-sourced pantry staples can make a significant impact on your health and happiness.

Plus, you’re supporting local business and reducing your environmental impact. With fewer miles to travel, the associated carbon emissions are reduced. Go the extra mile and buy yourself a market bag that brings you joy to reduce your plastic usage, you can even offer the farmer items like twist ties and rubber bands at check out so they can reuse them.

Inspirada residents don’t need to travel far for fresh and local produce. Head to the fresh52 Famers’ and Artisan Market at Inspirada for a convenient way to reach this goal.

The resolution: Buy fresh produce from a local farmer instead of a grocery store a minimum of 2 weeks a month.

  1. Monitor What You Bring Into Your Home

It’s easy to get into the rat race of consumerism and add *just another*item to the Amazon cart. But, if “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” taught us nothing; we’re drowning in items that we really don’t need or, often, even want.

Make this year the year you declutter, spare down, and think about each purchase before bringing out your credit cardYou may be surprised with the impact it will have on you, your Inspirada home, and your finances.

Start by conducting Kondo’s KonMari method of organization at home.

The resolution: Tackle one category — i.e. clothing, kitchen, etc. — from the KonMari method once a month.

  1. Get Connected

Feeling like you can openly discuss the difficult things that are going on in your life and having a sense of belonging are just two benefits of relationships with close friends.

But, did you know having close friends could also lower your risk of a heart attack and diabetes, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure? The impact of having close relationships may even be linked to less abdominal fat.

There are many ways to get connected to your fellow Henderson residents and Inspirada community members

The best place to start may be attending an event like an Inspirada Trivia Night or a Board Game Night. Bookmark our calendar so you don’t miss an upcoming Inspirada or Henderson that may connect you to your new best friend.

The resolution:Go to a minimum of one Inspirada or Henderson community event a month.

Already find yourself falling short on the resolutions you made? Don’t stress.

You can work on these resolutions right in the neighborhood, so you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment quickly. Plus, you’ll be working towards a healthier lifestyle.

For other ways to get active close to your Inspirada home, visit our parks page to find a spot to swim laps or play volleyball, tennis, or basketball.

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