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November 24, 2018

The Dish on Inspirada’s Food Truck Friday Events

If you head to Solista Pavilion for a Food Truck Friday event, you’re in for a treat. You’ll be greeted by members of the Inspirada community sitting throughout the park and enjoying delectables from the food trucks parked nearby.

Food Truck Friday’s were created by the Inspirada Community Association Lifestyle team in 2017 and have become a neighborhood tradition.

“Food Truck Friday is a chance for residents to enjoy a popular dining trend in the comfort of their own neighborhood,” says Megan Conklin, the Lifestyle Director at theInspirada CommunityAssociation.

In this blog, we’ll answer the most popular questions people ask about the event.

What Kind of Food/Trucks Will Be There?
The event brings in food trucks — usually four — with different offerings. Food trucks range from meal, snacks, and desserts.

Past events have brought:

  • Cotton candy
  • Tacos
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Corn dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Cookies and ice cream
  • Shaved ice
  • Salads
  • BBQ
  • Seafood
  • Cajun, Asian, and Italian fare
  • Waffles

Popular trucks include Cousins Maine Lobster, Buldogis Gourmet Dogs, Kona Ice, and Flattops Burgers & Shakes. Check the Inspirada events calendar for a list of the scheduled food trucks for each event.

I Have a Special Diet. Will I Find Anything to Eat?
Even those with diet restrictions may be pleasantly surprised. Megan tells me about a vegetarian that “always ignored the food truck Friday events because she thought there would be nothing for her; but when her hubby dragged her down for Buldogis (the couple moved from Chicago last March – so he was wanting a traditional Chicago Dog), she realized there were vegetarian options at all of the trucks.”

If you’re interested in attending an event and have a special diet, we recommend researching the food trucks’ menus. Occasionally the trucks offer specials for the night, so it may be worth coming to the event, even if you don’t see anything on their online menu.

Is There Seating?
As far as finding a place to sit, guests of the Food Truck Friday events use the nearby tables, benches, rotundas, or bring a blanket and sit on the grass.

Who Comes to These Events?
These events bring a diverse crowd. Families, friends, and extended families. Young adult couples and retirees. Firemen from nearby Station 91. Residents stopping by after finishing a day’s work at the office. Moms and dads with young ones in strollers. People arriving by walking their dog or by bicycle — “Most people walk or ride bikes to the park, as they live within 2 miles and Inspirada has an amazing trail system,” says Megan.

How Often Do These Events Happen?
The number of events varies based on other events happening in the community. You can plan for one to three Food Truck Friday events per month.

“We have limited winter dates. But between the holidays and other winter events, you can regularly catch a truck in the area,” says Megan.

Where Are the Events Held?
The event is located at Solista Pavilion in the Inspirada neighborhood:

1890 Via Firenze Rd.

Henderson, NV 89052

How Can I Find Out the Next Event?
If you’re interested in these events, stay updated by bookmarking ourInspirada community events calendar.

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