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April 16, 2015

A Lot is Happening at Inspirada— Freshenin’ Up for Spring

Inspirada is making improvements over the next few months to update, build and remodel in time for summer! We chatted with Jim Rizzi, Inspirada’s Project Manager, to get the inside scoop on everything going on at Inspirada, from new signage to the upcoming Aventura Park opening!

Driving around Inspirada you might have noticed our signage got a fresh makeover and are now a bright blue instead of brown. You can see our new and improved directional signs and kiosks throughout the community, and check out the “mini” monuments on Bicentennial Parkway and Via Firenze.

Rizzi says Aventura Park’s construction is right on schedule and everything will be ready to go by the grand opening on May 30. Shrubs and trees have been planted and soon the turf will be set as well. You might have noticed part of the fence banner has been removed so you can peek through and see just how far they have come along.

Pinecrest Academy is also coming to Inspirada this fall and Rizzi says they have begun working on new roads and utilities to prepare for the August opening. Pinecrest Academy at Inspirada is a STEM tuition-free public charter school, and is set to open with over 900 students. Pinecrest will serve grades K-7 in the first year and expand to K-8 in the second year and enrollment is currently open. Parents with questions should check out www.pinecrestinspirada.org and contact them with any questions. You can find a listing of the available schools for Inspirada here.

New landscaping also comes with two new trails being completed in mid-April that will connect Aventura Park and Pinecrest Academy with the rest of Inspirada’s connected strolling trails.

Residents should also be on the lookout for new activity in the Solista Park commercial space. Rizzi says a coffee shop and pet grooming shop are in the works to open this summer, and we cannot wait! Subscribe to Inspirada’s monthly email to get new updates about changes in our community.

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