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July 5, 2019

Get to Know the Inspirada Community’s Favorite Ice Cream Truck

The sights and sounds of an ice cream truck are truly iconic. As music plays, kids flood the sidewalks and line up to grab a tasty frozen treat. It’s all smiles and laughs, and there’s nowhere else self-professed people-person Christina Padilla would rather be.

Christina is the owner of Henderson’s own Street Freeze Ice Cream Truck. Running the truck has allowed her to really get to know the Inspirada community — “I’m the ice cream girl,”she laughs.

Street Freeze’s Beginning

It’s hard to believe this beloved Inspirada staple started with a simple Craigslist post.

Christina was working in high-end retail when she stumbled across a Craigslist ad for an ice cream truck. While her initial reaction was, “How cool would that be?!” she waited about two months before she finally decided to dive in. What started as a part-time hobby turned into a full-fledged career less than two years later. The rest is history.

Street Freeze Ice Cream Truck at Inspirada

Shortly after Street Freeze was born, Christina realized that running an ice cream truck in Las Vegaswould have to look a little different than the traditional ice cream truck’s neighborhood cruise. That’s when she had the idea to offer a delivery service.

We deliver free to Inspirada residents every Thursday from 6-8 p.m.,” says Christina. Residents send in their addresses and next thing you know the truck is right outside, ready to serve up the sweets. “This is the third year we’ve done this, but this year it’s been more popular than ever!

When she’s not delivering to Inspirada homes, you can catch Christina and her ice cream truck at almost every event around the community—her favorite? “I love the Dog Days at the Farmers’ Market and Easter this year was amazing!

Christina’s Inspirada Story

Besides serving up ice cream treats in the neighborhood, Christina also calls Inspirada home.

My daughter was 3 when we moved here, so she was very young,” Christina remembers. “As a single mom, I wanted a place that was safe and family-friendly. I searched around a lot, but Inspirada definitely felt like the best fit for my family.

Christina and her daughter have been Inspirada residents for over 8 years now, and one of their favorite things to do as a family is visiting the dog park with their feisty rescue dog, Pistachio.

When asked what she loves about living in Inspirada, Christina’s answer was an easy one. “It really is special. It’s a great community. Everyone looks out for each other. Like if you leave your garage open, people will let you know or offer to close it for you.

What Flavor Should I Get?

From tried and true favorites like the Big Dipper or Nutty Buddy to fun new tastes, Christina and her ice cream truck have it all. As for her own go-to flavor? “I’m not really much of a sweets person,”Christina chuckles,  “but if I had to choose one, I’d say it’s the strawberry shortcake.”

Want to hear more about Christina and theStreet Freeze Ice Cream Truck? Head over to the Inspirada community YouTube channel to hear her story.

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