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August 20, 2019

Meet Inspirada Lifestyle Director, Megan Conklin

Have you ever wondered what it takes to pull off all the amazing events Inspirada offers its residents? We sat down to chat with the Inspirada Community Association’s Lifestyle Director, Megan Conklin, to learn more about what she and her team do.

What Does the Inspirada Community Association Do?

While you may know that the Inspirada Community Association is tasked with maintaining common and residential areas, they do much more than that. “The HOA’s main role is really to create a sense of community at Inspirada,” Megan explains.

Many residents know about the Inspirada Community Association because of the large-scale festivities they manage. These events have become the lifeblood of the neighborhood, and much of this expansion from smaller events to larger gatherings is due to Megan’s expertise and background in the tourism industry.

The first event Megan attended was a mixer of around 30 people. It was after this that she decided to amp things up a bit. That’s when she decided to introduce two events that quickly became community favorites: the Inspirada OktoBEERfest and the St. Patrick’s Day Park Crawl.

“People want to be able to party in their community,” Megan laughs—rather than traveling to the festival, she decided to bring the festival to the neighborhood. Megan continues, “The St. Patrick’s Day event is great because parents can bring their kids to a family-friendly party and still enjoy a beer and meet their neighbors.”

When asked what her favorite event is, Megan took a second to think before responding, “Probably the Holiday Festival. It combines the Farmers’ Market with the overall community festival and features local dance teams and choirs. It’s a true sense of community.”

The Event Planning Process

While the planning process typically follows the same steps, implementation can look very different across venues. “I like to feature multiple places in the community,” Megan explains, “which means we have to create unique designs and layouts for each event.”

Booking events around five months in advance can also require just a touch of imagination at times. “It’s 100 degrees outside and I’m currently booking the holiday festival,” she chuckles, “I’m trying to find a Santa right now!”

Her role as the Lifestyle Director entails more than just events, though. She also helps residents build and maintain chartered clubs. As someone who left her last position in search of a career that allowed her to build relationships, Megan is happy to help out. “I find it’s important to get to know people so when someone is looking for something specific, I can connect them.”

Silver Nugget Award-Winner

Megan’s hard work has been noticed by our community and beyond. Megan was recently honored at the Silver Nugget Awards—a joint venture between the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association and the Las Vegas Review-Journal—with this year’s award for Best Lifestyle Director.

“It was so fun!” Megan recalls the night, “First off, it meant a lot because my husband attended the ceremony with me. You and your spouse just kind of go to work every day and you’re not always sure what they’re job really entails—so it was fun for him to get to see what I do.”

Megan doesn’t take all the credit for her win, though. “I was also so proud of the community that we’ve become and proud to tell people that it’s not just me but the whole team. The social committee, volunteers, and people who submit suggestions, they’re who help me make the events richer and better for everyone.”

How You Can Get Involved in the Community Association

The Community Association’s website offers Inspirada residents the chance to join the volunteer database. “We reach out to the people on that database every time we need something, whether it be building a feature for an event, setting up, or working a booth,” Megan explains.

The organization also hosts regular meetings at least three times per month across various committees and groups. Megan says it’s a great way for residents to get involved and learn more about where their dollars and going.

As for the best way to get involved in the Community Association? Megan encourages residents to simply show up to an event! “They wouldn’t bring me here to do this if people didn’t come to an event and enjoy themselves!”

How Is Inspirada Unique?

“Inspirada is designed so smart,” Megan explains, “It’s so different from other communities. There are a couple of main drags running through the neighborhood, like Via Firenze. It centers everything so you know where all the parks are located.”

Inspirada was created to promote community and involvement—and that is exactly what Megan has seen during her time in the neighborhood. “When people come out of their houses to get outside or active, they come to the center of the community. It mimics an old school, small-town main street and really brings people together.

“There’s also a great mix in the size and type of housing here, from gated communities to brownstone,” she continues. “That mix leads to a really great mix of people—it’s not cookie cutter.”

Are you interested in learning more about the many amazing events Megan and her team put on for the Inspirada community? Visit Inspirada’s events calendar to plan your next family outing in the neighborhood!

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