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June 21, 2015

The First-Time Home Buyers’ Guide: 5 Steps to Buying Your First Home

The decision to finally take the plunge and buy your first home is a major milestone, so congratulations!

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous during this time, but buying a home doesn’t have to feel like an emotional rollercoaster. It can actually be surprisingly straightforward and easy! In fact, buying a new Las Vegas home cuts out the drama and streamlines the process, so you know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.

Skip the negotiations and bidding wars. A new Inspirada home comes with a warranty and the newest, most energy and water efficient options on the market. To help walk you through the process of buying your first new home, we’ve created this step-by-step guide that’ll let you skip the roller coaster.

  1. First, make a list (and check it twice).
    Start by writing out a wish list of what you want from your new Las Vegas home in order of importance. Include characteristics of your ideal community and the specifics of your floor plan and home amenities. Make sure to lay it all out and prioritize before you start your search, that way you know what items to be flexible with and what factors are your deal-breakers.
  2. Determine your budget. 
    Before you start shopping, you’ll want to figure out what price range you’ll be working with. Using a mortgage calculator or this affordability planning tool can help you determine a budget that comfortably fits your lifestyle. During this time, you’ll want to get your financial documents in order, and get prequalified for a loan to expedite the process later on. Luckily, buying new means that the price is firm so there won’t be any unexpected surprises or heartbreak once you’ve found your dream home.
  3. Find a community and builder.
    It’s important to go in person and test-drive the community you’re considering becoming a part of. Be sure to walk around, check out the amenities and chat with people to get a feel for the neighborhood. Ask yourself questions like, how is the location? What kind of community activities do they offer? And most importantly, can you picture yourself living here? While you’re visiting, take a tour of the model homes that catch your eye and get a feel for the builders’ various offerings. Each builder offers something unique and different, so pick one that speaks to you and your family’s needs.
  4. Create your dream home. 
    This is the fun part. Once you’ve decided on who is going to build your home and where it will be, it’s time to create and customize. At Inspirada, the possibilities really are endless! You get to choose from different architectural styles, color schemes, finishes, appliances, convenient amenities, and more. Do you want an estate-sized lot with a gourmet kitchen and a massive man-cave? No problem! Each builder offers a ton of different floorplans and models, along with their own specific process to design and customize your home. For example..Beazer Homes offers their buyers their flexible Choice Plans™ with additional design and customization options at no extra cost.
    Century Communities has design experts to help assist you in choosing your home’s details in their state-of-the-art design studio.
    KB Homes’ Built to Order™ design studio lets you visualize and plan out your home’s details with your own personal design consultant.
    Pardee Homes DesignSmart™ options let you customize your home and floorplan to fit your family’s specific tastes and needs.
    Toll Brothers’ Design Studio allows you to work with a personalized design consultant to walk you through the selection and customization process.
  5. Write that check and voilà!  
    Once you put down a deposit on your home, the building process begins. Your builder will keep you updated on the progress of your new Las Vegas home, and you’ll be walked through it every step of the way. The final loan process varies by the builder, but they are available to make sure you have a seamless home buying experience. It’s worth reiterating that buying new means you don’t have to worry about the stress or hassle of inspections, and a warranty is included. So start packing, and get ready to move because you’ve just become a homeowner!

For more information on buying your first home, or to answer any questions please contact usCome visit us and get to know the Inspirada community!

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