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August 22, 2014

What’s Happening at Inspirada’s New Neighborhoods is Pretty Awesome

Current Inspirada residents joined the crowds at First Dibs! on August 2 to discover how they could move into a larger home without leaving the community they love.

Molly and Alika Plotnick said the changes to Inspirada seemed to happen overnight with booming park construction and new home models, and Inspirada’s new neighborhoods becoming available this year. “These are great additions to the community, and the homes are just beautiful,” said Molly, who has lived at Inspirada for a little more than a year.

Shane and Natalyn Dulatre walked the Pardee Homes models, exploring the GenSuite design options that allow extended family members to live comfortably under one roof.

“What’s happening at Inspirada now is pretty awesome,” Shane said. “We have an alley-facing garage now, but we’re really interested in the front-facing, more traditional designs being offered.”

Although their pets, Peanut and Bailey, weren’t with them at First Dibs!, Marla and Andy Cormier (pictured) thought of them first when asked what they were most looking forward to at Inspirada.

“We’re really excited about the new dog parks,” Marla said. “They’re another opportunity for us to meet our neighbors. There’s so much going on in our community.”

Eugene and Trisha Solise sat down for a moment with their baby boy, Blake, and people-watched at the KB Home models. For Eugene, the day was more about the family that wasn’t with them.

“My parents are considering moving here, so we are looking at the new homes with them in mind,” he said.

Inspirada's New Neighborhoods


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