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March 13, 2015

Take A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming Aventura Park 

Aventura Park, Inspirada’s largest park to date, is set to open on May 30! This newest park will be perfect for family outings, walks with your pets, and plenty of pickup games and sporting events year-round.

At over 20 acres, Aventura Park offers a variety of multi-generational sport and play areas to expand the Inspirada integrated park system and offer more choices for residents. Residents and locals will be able to cheer on little league games at two fields and practice fresh air yoga in the multiple open fields.

Andy Baron, Principal of AndersonBaron, the landscape architecture firm that designed Capriola and Potenza Park, says work on Aventura Park is going well. Construction on this massive project has been going strong since January.

Baron says there are currently 70 to 80 people working on site daily. They have finished setting sidewalks, parking lots, fencing, and installed the lights. Now they are working on underground facilities, planting trees, and settling the top soil for all the acres of turf that will cover the park.

While Aventura Park is by far the most sports-oriented park at Inspirada with three multi-use/soccer fields, two little league fields, two basketball courts, two tennis courts, and four turf volleyball courts, Baron says he is most excited about the children’s play area.

“Play areas allow for creativity and unique design. We get a lot more artistic freedom there,” Baron says. “I’m most excited about these little pocket play areas that we put so many activities on because it’s so different than the other two, and then watching the kids play on them, for me, is the best.”

The children’s areas in all the Inspirada parks take a unique view on play. Potenza Park was inspired by movement and music in their play area with interactive music games, while Capriola Park is all about exploration. Aventura Park will take the free play theme to another level with their play areas being based on elevation.

Inspirada parks pride themselves on being not only safe for children of all ages, but easy for parents to keep an eye on them just in case. At Aventura Park, there will be a large rock area to climb that wraps around the sidewalk and leads to a tower area where kids can play capture the flag or use it as an overlook. And there will be a splash pad with more involved sensory pieces for kids to interact and play with in the hot summer months.

Pet lovers will be able to rejoice as well, since Aventura Park will have a one-acre dog park, in addition to the dog park at Capriola, giving residents more options where to exercise and socialize with their pets.

Aventura Park will add another resident-only heated pool, which Solista and Potenza have as well, for both mental and physical wellness.

Baron says all of Inspirada’s parks are designed to complement each other and make for great neighbor interactions. You can meet up with friends in one, walk your dog in another, and play in a variety of unique play areas throughout.

The City of Henderson will be involved in organizing sports at Aventura Park with all the available fields. With so many available fields, Aventura Park will be able to service both Inspirada residents and a region of Henderson residents as well.

Aventura Park also marks the beginning of more expansion at Inspirada. Pardee Homes is currently the only builder near Aventura Park, but not for long! Beazer Homes will be launching their new neighborhoods (Park and Reliance) at the May 30 Grand Opening, and KB Home is working on expanding their current sales efforts into this section of Inspirada this summer, as is Toll Brothers. The excitement of our growing community is undeniable and Aventura Park will be an excellent venue for bringing everyone together.

We hope you’ll join us for the Grand Opening of Aventura Park on Saturday, May 30! It will be a full day of fun and games, plenty of free food, and some special surprises. Bring your family, friends and pets to explore the park and our friendly Inspirada community.

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