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August 1, 2018

Your Guide to the Best Vegas Activities to Do With Your Girlfriends

They’re the people you call when you’ve had a rough day, want to try out a happy hour, grab brunch, or try to accomplish that craft on Pinterest. Yes, we’re talking about girlfriends. When was the last time you had some quality time with yours?

Often, the most difficult part about making plans with your closest friends is thinking of something to do. We’ve gathered seven of the best things to do in Vegas and the Henderson community with your girlfriends. Grab your ladies and get started.

Tea Time
Even though we’ve long outgrown our plastic set, the appeal of tea time remains. Thankfully, Vegas offers many afternoon tea options complete with those adorable finger sandwiches.

Local spots:

Rí Rá
The Tea Lounge at The Mandarin Oriental
The Four Seasons
The Petrossian Bar at the Bellagio

Ladies Night
Oh yes, it’s ladies night. Actually, in Vegas, almost every night can be ladies night. Take advantage of the deals to be had around town.

Local spots:

Blue Martini Lounge
The Golden Tiki
Stoney’s Rockin’ Country
World of Beer

Brunch With the Best of Them
Our guy friends are great and all, but it’s not uncommon for them to order an IPA at brunch to go with a burger. At brunch. Conversely, our girlfriends know what’s up. Girlfriends appreciate a grapefruit mimosa and will get those wide eyes with you when the waiter mentions today’s special of brûléed banana pancakes.

Local spots:

The Stove
Kitchen Table

Try a New Coffee Shop
You know what’s better than receiving that iced almond milk mocha made just the way you like it? Sipping on the magical concoction while catching up with friends. Coffee shops and friendships have a way of warming the heart — maybe it’s the caffeine and the constant laughter — perfect for any day of the week.

Local spots:

Jolly Beans Cafe
Sunrise Coffee
Mothership Coffee
Public Works Coffee Bar

If you and your girlfriends think you can handle 30 minutes to an hour of not talking or laughing, then treat your mind and body in a yoga class. If you don’t think you guys can managing downward facing dog without turning towards the other and giggling, try a workout class like Zumba. Of course, you should also make time for conversations afterword, might we suggest a cocktail or heading to a bakery? You earned it.

Local spots:

Evolution Yoga
Yoga Energy LV
Evolution Yoga
Or try a unique class like this, thisthis, or this

Volunteer Together
Here’s one idea you may not think of when your girlfriends talk about needing to hang out soon: volunteering. Volunteering not only helps the community, but it can also bring you and your friends together because you’re working towards a common goal.

Local spots:

Visit this blog for a list of local opportunities.

There’s something about belting out “Dancing Queen” or Aretha’s “Respect” with your girlfriends by your side that is inherently fun. If you feel like you need to let down your hair a little bit, singing in front of a crowd of strangers is nerve-racking, yet empowering. And, with your girlfriends by your side, it’s completely doable.

Local spots the offer karaoke/karaoke nights:

Ellis Island Casino and Brewery
Crown and Anchor British Pub 

With these ideas, the next couple of get-togethers with your tribe are already planned. If you live in the Henderson community you don’t have to venture far to enjoy the perfect night with your girlfriends. Two additional, easy-to-do ideas? You can attend the neighborhood farmers market together or simply invite them over for a wine night at home. 

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