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June 10, 2019

Your Guide to the Best Vegas Icy Treats to Indulge In

Imagine summertime. Splashing around in a pool. Feeling the sunshine on your face. Taking that first lick of ice cream on a hot day.

When you live in Henderson, you’re lucky. Because summertime is that much sweeter. What do we mean? Well, desserts of course.

Vegas is home to some great food, icy treats included. These 7 treats are the best you can get. Just make sure you invite us along when you go.

Indulge in a Childhood Favorite, All Grown Up at Black Tap
Remember the milkshake of your childhood dreams? Now imagine getting to choose add-ins like tequila, vanilla vodka, or bourbon. Plus, crazy toppings like brownies, a strawberry pop tart, sprinkles, sour candy, and more. Find delicious concoctions like these at Black Tap.

Their most popular milkshake is their Cakeshake Cake Batter Shake. It features Pierre Ferrand cognac and is topped with a funfetti cake slice, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry. 

Enjoy a Taste of the Islands at Magnolia Ice Cream
Ube — a purple yam — is a popular ingredient in Hawaiian and Filipino cuisine. In these locales, it’s often used as a flavor in desserts like pastries and ice cream. Plus, ube adds a unique, bright purple hue, which gives eating ube treats an extra dose of fun.

Thankfully, you don’t have to travel far to get this taste of the islands. At Magnolia Ice Cream, they serve up an ube flavor ice cream.

Magnolia Ice Cream also offers unique ice cream flavors like avocado, lychee, Kona coffee, mais queso (corn and cheese), and halo-halo (a Filipino dessert made of crushed ice, evaporated milk, and various other ingredients like fresh fruit).

Eat Every Flavor You Want at Amorino Gelato
At Amorino Gelato, you don’t have to whittle down your options. They serve up gelato in the shape of a rose so it’s almost too beautiful to eat. And, here’s where it gets even better: each petal can be a different flavor of your choosing. To make your dessert even more scrumptious, you can top your gelato with a French macaron in flavors like vanilla, mango, or caramel.

Besides their signature gelato rose, they also serve up other icy treats like milkshakes, sherbet, granitas (an Italian slushy), and even a “gelato burger.” 

Cool Down Quickly with a Bright Blue Treat at Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack
It’s a hot summer day and you’ve just been handed a colorful shaved ice. You take a bite and feel the ice melt in your mouth and taste the punch of flavor. For us Inspirada residents, we don’t have to travel far from home to get a refreshing shaved ice.

Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack has dozens of flavors to choose from, but the most recommended flavor to try is the blue raspberry.

Rolled Ice Cream with a Side of Old-School Video Games at Level Up Nitro Creamery & Boba
Have you tried rolled ice cream yet? This Thai treat is made by placing liquid ice cream on an anti-griddle. The anti-griddle device chills the liquid ice cream. While this happens, the toppings are mashed in. It’s then spread into a thin layer and rolled up and placed in a cup with any additional toppings.

At Level Up Nitro Creamery & Boba you can choose from multiple rolled ice cream treats. A popular choice is the Cookie Monster, a rolled ice cream topped with a Chips Ahoy cookie and an Oreo. Enjoy the treat in their small gaming lounge where you can play old-school video games like Mario Kart or a board game like Jenga.

An Icy, Citrus Blend at Jolly Beans Café
Lemonade is the quintessential drink of the summer. Do you know what makes it extra refreshing? Ice.

Located in the Inspirada community, Jolly Beans Café is as close to home as it gets. Besides their delicious coffee drinks, they also have frozen lemonade on their menu, called “glaciers.” These glaciers come in multiple flavors: plain, black cherry, strawberry, and cherry.

A Unique Sorbet Flavor at La Real de Michoacan
Have you head or chamoy? Chamoy is a condiment used in Mexican cuisine. The flavors and ingredients can vary, but often the taste is salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. Ingredients include chili spices, pickled fruit (like apricots, plums, or mangoes), and sometimes a fruit puree.

La Real de Michoacan uses this flavor to create their chamoy sorbet. Some visitors even opt to top the icy treat with some more chamoy. Chamoy is a unique flavor that you should try out, especially during the summer season!

When you live in Henderson, you have plenty of options for finding the perfect icy treat to cool down over the summer. These 7 treats are some of the best options in the Vegas Valley and they’re close to the Inspirada community. In between ice cream breaks, head to a splash pad or neighborhood pool to stay cool and have fun this summer.

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