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February 12, 2014

Inspirada Parks—A New Way to Play

blog-5This summer, the two newest parks of Inspirada promise to set a new standard in multi-faceted, outdoor, fitness and recreation experiences.

Soon, Capriola and Potenza Parks will join Solista Park to form an integrated park system that is central to your Inspirada community. Inspirada Landscape Architect Andy Baron, principal of AndersonBaron, said the uniqueness of the park system is three-fold.

One, rather than being on the outskirts of the neighborhood, the parks of Inspirada are built right in the middle of the master planned community, which means they are easily accessible for daily use.

Two, each park has its own distinct characteristics and features, so you can experience a different type of recreation when you visit one versus another. Connected by walkways and trails, the parks can be reached quickly on foot or by bike.

Three, the range of amenities is so comprehensive that Baron said he has never before designed this much variety into parks so close in proximity. The amenities cater to adults and children alike and are intended to promote organized activities and encourage “free play.” Baron defines free play as:

“Spontaneous, creative activity; experiences that are created based on what is provided in one’s immediate environment. It’s critical to the developmental and sensory needs of children and promotes imaginative thinking as a creative way of learning about the world. For example, a swing can become a rocket launcher, and boulders become protection from quick sand.”

Each park provides a backdrop for different experiences and caters to those desiring sociability, as well as those searching for secluded, quiet spaces.

Solista Park is complete and includes the Inspirada resident community center with beautifully decorated, air-conditioned spaces for meetings, recreation and events; four acres of BBQ/picnic areas; two pools; lighted bocce courts; and playgrounds.

Capriola Park will be packed with three tennis courts, two basketball courts, two soccer/multi-use fields, an inviting picnic area, two ramadas and wide, expansive areas just for you and your favorite dogs. For your little ones, Capriola Park will have a splash pad/water play area and a colorful “discovery” play experience, where activities are spread throughout various outdoor spaces with plenty of tensile shade.

Potenza Park will ignite your active side with a pool, large open spaces and two basketball courts. Potenza Park also welcomes kids of all ages with a play area focused on engaging physical movement and making music through play, plus a special skate plaza designed for teenagers.

When designing the parks, Baron said he took a step back to see what the parks could offer that wasn’t currently in Henderson. He also did not work from another park model, but instead created a custom design for Inspirada.

Baron is most interested to see how the youngest residents of Inspirada take to the interactive play areas, which are built on elevated slopes and separated from other more active parts of the park with natural plantings.

“We wanted the children away from any noise and traffic,” Baron said. “The design also separates the kids from other park features, so parents can keep any eye on them easily.”

Baron will work closely with the contractors as construction continues on Capriola and Potenza, ensuring that his vision comes to life seamlessly. The two parks are planned for completion by late Summer 2014, and Inspirada’s third park is planned to be ready for play by Winter 2014.

Prepare to be inspired.

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