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March 27, 2014

Inspirada’s Solista Park = Centralized Action

Henderson parks are fun for familiesAn afternoon at Inspirada’s Solista Park could mean a playful date with your little one on the outdoor toys, a cardio tune-up with a quick soccer practice or a stretch of six legs – human plus canine – with a run through the open fields.

Centrally located in the established community of Inspirada, Solista Park is a dynamic hub for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a range of activities. Solista Park is also the first of other Henderson parks in a system of amenity-filled, visionary parks that is the hallmark of Inspirada. Other Henderson parks include Potenza and Capriola Park, both under construction in Inspirada, and will be ready for play summer 2014 with a host of complementary features, such as basketball and tennis courts, splash pads and additional resident pools, a teen skate plaza and a dedicated dog park.

While the new parks are underway, Inspirada residents take full advantage of Solista’s generous offerings. During the day, grandparents, babysitters and stay-at-home parents gather with their children to play in the shaded kids’ area. After work, residents often squeeze in a run or a lap in one of the two pools. And weekends are a perfect opportunity to put Solista Park’s outdoor cooking grills, bocce ball courts and picnic areas to good use. On April 12, Solista Park will host Inspirada’s annual Egg-venture, welcoming almost 1,000 residents to celebrate springtime.

In the middle of the community and in the middle of the action, Solista Park is where Inspirada comes to connect and make things happen. Have you stopped by to see these great Henderson parks in Inspirada?

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