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September 29, 2018

A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in the Las Vegas Valley

Are you a coffee fanatic? Coffee can start your day off right, kick you out of a midday slump, or simply offer a tasty treat.

Las Vegas’s local coffee scene has seen a surge these past few years. Every coffee shop can offer something different, whether it’s a fresh roasting, a unique atmosphere, a community hub, or twist on a traditional favorite. In this blog, we’re giving you a guide to the best local coffee shops near your Henderson home.

Coffee With a Dose of Intrigue
If you’re looking for a unique experience, look no further than Gäbi Coffee and Bakery in Las Vegas. Finding the coffee shop is the first sign of intrigue. The only marking you’ve arrived is an oversized, ornate wooden door complete with door knockers.

When you enter, it feels like you’ve walked into a Vogue magazine. The space has a mix of Western and Eastern influences; like an extension of an eccentric and worldly millionaire’s home. Spotlights are used as floor lamps, vintage tufted settees and couches are used as seating — one is even suspended to the ceiling and acts as an indoor swing — and Asian-influence artwork litters the walls.

One of the most unique aspects of the space is a wooden, stadium-like library. Guests are welcomed to kick off their shoes, grab a book, and sit on one of the peacock-blue floor pillows. There’s even a slide built in.

The menu is as special as the atmosphere. Try their lychee rose cake and the red velvet cinnamon rolls. To drink, we recommend the following:

  • Dan Coffee: a sweetened cappuccino with “barista’s choice print” — it’s not uncommon for the artwork to be surprising yet delightful, like a portrait of Adele or a cartoon potted saguaro
  • Cream Kiss: house-brewed coffee topped with house-made whipped cream
  • The Gäbi: a dry cappuccino with sprinkles of ground coffee and organic raw sugar on top

Coffee With an In-House Flavor

In-house roasting allows local coffee shops to serve up a fresh cup of joe, with flavor profiles to their liking. These flavors can act as a differentiator for a coffee shop, a calling card. When Sunrise Coffee owners Juanny Romero and Josh Walter wanted to roast coffee and make bakery items in-house, they realized they needed more room.

The result was Mothership Coffee Roasters. This is the sort of spot you pick up something to go or stay for a few minutes to savor your coffee and baked good. And, it’s located in Henderson.

The atmosphere is relaxed and simple. The emphasis is on their coffee and bakery items. Guests recommend their chocolate twists, dark-chocolate and cold-brew cupcake, and peach scones from their pastry case — though, you really can’t go wrong with whatever treat you choose.

As far as beverages, we recommend these coffee and espresso menu items:

  • Lavender Latte
  • Bourbon Vanilla
  • Cold Brew
  • Daily Drip: their single-origin, drip-brewed coffee, which changes regularly

Coffee With a Twist

If you want to try a new, playful twist on how you drink your coffee, look no further than PublicUs. They serve up coffee and espresso drinks like you’ve never had before. And, their staff seriously knows their stuff; Cole McBride of PublicUs is a regular in the competitive coffee scene and has won a few titles through the years.

PublicUs is more café than a coffee shop, as they serve up a full menu of food offerings, and even beer and wine. But, their coffee is special enough to stand on its own.

For food, try the brekkie sandwich or the avocado toast. From the coffee and espresso menu, we recommend the following:

  • Death Cream: house-made coffee concentrate, organic whole milk, and sugar — it’s sweet and creamy and gives you a serious dose of caffeine.
  • The Cannon: iced brewed coffee with lime juice, lime bitters, and syrup — refreshing and tart, a great option for the warmer months.
  • Espresso Old-Fashioned: two espresso shots, Rainer cherries, aromatic bitters, and an orange peel garnish
  • Macadamia Nut Paste Latte: two espresso shots, milk, and house-made macadamia nut paste

Coffee With a Hawaiian Breeze

Hi-Coffee Café is a Henderson coffeeshop that offers 100% Kona coffee. “Kona coffee” is the market name given to coffee grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona coffee is touted by many as having one of the best flavor profiles and it is one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

This relaxed coffee shop also serves up desserts featuring Hawaiian ingredients like “ube” — a purple yam and gives the treat a rich purple hue — and “haupia” — a coconut-milk based dessert ingredient.

For a taste of paradise, we recommend these drinks:

  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • Coconut Haupia Latte
  • Seasonal specials like a Salted Caramel Almond Butter Latte

Coffee at Home
If you want to stick to your Henderson home for a morning brew, pick up a bag of beans from Colorado River Coffee Roasters— they also ship. While they don’t serve coffee, locals sing the praise of their roasting, which is an art and science. Plus, you’re supporting a local business. Find out why you should buy freshly roasted beans and how to make the best at home coffee by reading this article.

You don’t have to travel far from your Henderson home to find some great coffee. Give these coffee shops a try and let us know your favorite! Of course, you can always keep your coffee shop ventures in the neighborhood by heading to one of our favorites: Jolly Beans Café. Find it on the community map.

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