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December 3, 2017

Prepare Your Home for the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps

December is a time to walk around the neighborhood and view the decorated Henderson homes, preferably with hot cocoa in hand. While most homeowners take the yearly attic pilgrimage to bring down the “required” holiday lights, we know you can do better. That’s why we made this list of easy, but impactful, ways to make your home merry and bright.

Amp Up the Festive Lighting
When you’re done placing the holiday lights outside, it’s time to address the lighting inside. And, no, we’re not talking about the Christmas tree. Candlesticks with taper candles are the perfect accessory to place on mantle tops, dinner tables, and end tables to create a warm glow.

Stop Buying Evergreen Candles and Instead Do This
We know those “evergreen” candles never quite smell like you envisioned they would, so opt for the real deal instead. Places like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer evergreen branches for sale around the holiday season. You can place them as a “runner” down the dinner table for a centerpiece, stuff them into a vase and hang a few ornaments off of them for a “mini Christmas tree” vibe, tie some of them together to make a simple swag to hang over door frames, and adorn banisters or bookshelves. Using evergreen branches is inexpensive, smells great, and makes your home feel like the holidays.

Save the Bar for the Office Christmas Party
There’s another type of bar people! This bar accommodates the under 21 crowd: a HOT COCOA bar! Along with mugs and hot cocoa packets, gather supplies like marshmallows, syrups — like dark and white chocolate, caramel, mint chocolate — to drizzle on the inside of the mug to make it extra decadent, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar — to coat the rim of the mug or sprinkle on top — and candy canes and cinnamon sticks to use as stirrers.

Let’s Get This Scent Party Started
Want something super simple that makes a big impact? Make pomanders. They’re just lightly-zested oranges stuffed with cloves and they smell fantastic. Place them in bowls around your home. Paired with the evergreen branches, your home will smell like a winter wonderland.

Last Items
Engulf yourself in holiday bliss by engaging the final two senses: hearing and feeling. Find a winter playlist on Spotify and place warm, soft blankets throughout your home — like this one.

Now that you’re Henderson home is ready to celebrate the holiday season, light some candles, take in the smell of evergreen, orange, and clove, grab a perfectly-customized cup of hot cocoa, hit play on that Spotify playlist, and settle in with a warm blanket. Further the holiday spirit by attending a December event.

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