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November 9, 2022

What are the Benefits of an Open Floor Plan?

The needs of the modern family have changed, and so have interior design trends. Open floor plans have become far more commonplace in modern house layouts. The sense of openness they provide allows for better traffic flow and a host of other benefits.  

So, what exactly defines an open-concept home and why should you choose one? Explore our guide to why shared spaces are the most dominant trend in homebuilding. 

What is an Open Floor Plan? 

An open floor plan or open concept home is a catch-all term for any style of architecture that opts for wide open spaces over small, confined rooms. Traditionally, major rooms like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms had clear, defined boundaries. In an open-concept home, these areas blend, allowing the homeowner to create boundaries where they want, allowing their creativity to run wild! 

Open-concept homes are very common in single-story homes, but even modern multistory homes are incorporating more open space.  

More Space 

The most obvious benefit of an open floor plan is all that empty space to move around. It’s easy to get from one room to another without those pesky doors and walls in the way. Bigger rooms also tend to look cleaner since objects and furniture won’t pile up, making a smaller room look cluttered. 

Extra space to move around in will also lead to less everyday stress, as it’s far easier to cook, clean and do daily chores with more space available.  

Finally, more space equals more ventilation, resulting in fewer air contaminants and an easier time maintaining indoor temperatures throughout the whole home. 

Tons of Interior Design Flexibility 

Open floor plans offer tons of flexibility for interior design. It’s incredibly easy to rearrange furniture or add new elements to create a unique floor plan whenever you want. It’s also simple to accommodate larger pieces that may be too big for a standard room.  

Over the years, trends will come and go, but it’s easier to refresh your design scheme if you have plenty of space to work with.  

You can also accommodate more practical needs as they arise. A family of two may not need a large dining room, opting for a shared living/dining setup. As their family grows, they can move to a larger dining space, so everyone has a seat at the table. 

Great for Hosting a Party 

One of the biggest benefits of an open floor plan is the lack of separation between rooms that see lots of traffic. If you’re hosting a party while preparing hors d’oeuvres, you can stay close to all the action since the kitchen and living room share a space.  

Partygoers also have the freedom to move from one spot to another without leaving the rest of the attendees. A kitchen open floor plan that includes an island and bar stools can blend naturally between the kitchen and dining room, allowing guests to communicate through shared spaces.  

Multifunctional Options 

With an open floor plan, there are no rules. Sure, you’ll likely have your kitchen, dining room and living room, but you can use that extra space to design all kinds of other spaces. Need a home office? With a cleverly placed desk and other furnishings, you can have a workplace just a few steps from your kitchen.  

If you’re into an active lifestyle, why not create a small exercise space for yoga or aerobics? By laying down some foam pads and setting up some small exercise equipment like these resistance bands, you can get an engaging workout without having to make your way to the gym.  

If you have children, extra space can quickly become a play place, allowing you to keep your eye on the small ones while you cook or watch your favorite TV show. 

Natural Lighting and Scenery Can Shine 

Things always look better in natural sunlight. Open floor plans allow plenty of light to make its way through shared spaces. Not only will your home look bright and vibrant, but you’ll also save on energy costs since you won’t need additional lamps to light your way.  

Depending on your home’s direction, you can take in stunning views throughout the day and enjoy colorful sunsets just before dusk. 

 If you’re looking for an open floor plan in your next home, Inspirada has you covered. Enjoy captivating views of West Henderson by exploring our inventory of move-in ready homes. Take a look at our large inventory today! 

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