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July 17, 2017

Homebuilding 101

Residents who build new Henderson homes at Inspirada get the benefit of choosing items in their home from the ground up. While the process can initially seem intimidating, knowing what to expect can make the process easier to digest. The award-winning builders at Inspirada are available every step of the way to keep you informed, address concerns, and to help you build the home of your dreams.

In this blog, we’re going to break down the best practices for before and during the build process, as well as the typical timeline for a build so you feel informed before making this big decision. By knowing what to expect, you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Best Practices Before For and During Your Build:

Don’t Let Yourself Be “House Poor”
Budgeting and looking at numbers may not be the most riveting part of the homebuilding process, it’s completely necessary. Save yourself some undue stress by figuring out a monthly payment you and your family can actually afford. Another thing to note is the different process required for a home construction line of credit in comparison to buying a pre-owned home with a regular mortgage financing. Without a home construction loan, you will not be able to pay subcontractors and suppliers. At the completion of the build, you will then need to obtain a residential mortgage so you can pay off the construction line. Confusing, we know. Ask around with friends who have built homes in the area and your sales representative to see if they have tips and lenders they recommend.

Reputation Matters
While it’s important to shop around for a lender, it’s also important to investigate the reputation of a builder you’re considering.

Customizations Are Good, But Also Consider Resale Value
The future prospect of selling the home you’re currently in the process of building may be the furthest thing from your mind, but you still need to be mindful of your potential resale value. Anything that is extremely customized may be perfect for you and your family, but unnecessary and odd for a future family viewing your home. You need to also consider your home value in comparison to those around you, it’s usually harder to sell the most expensive home on the block.

Think Green
The greener you think, the lower your utility bills will be and the less impact you’ll have on the environment. Consider LED lighting and energy efficient windows, appliances, and doors. For a list of eco-friendly features in Inspirada homes, visit this blog. The sales representative you work with can speak to options specific to your home and builder.

It’s Not a Party (yet), But Don’t Forget the Punch
When you finish your home you can break out the true punch and “get this party started,” but in the final phase of your homebuilding process you will need to go over your “punch list.” A punch list is a record of items that still need to be completed or repaired, created by you and your contractor during your final walkthrough, the week before closing. A real estate agent can also be helpful during this process to provide an extra “eye.” Before the final walkthrough, you should be behaving like a good student by taking notes every time you visit your home site.

When forming your punch list, you should keep in mind there are two different types of problems: “reasonable flaws” and “unreasonable flaws.” Reasonable items are how they sound, they are smaller and wouldn’t impact the quality of living in your home, while unreasonable flaws are the opposite: significant problems that must be addressed or they will impact the quality of living in your home. When the unreasonable flaws are corrected in your home a substantial completion is finished and your new home can be occupied. You will have another, final, walkthrough to make sure all the unreasonable flaws were addressed before officially moving in. Even if all items are not completed you should be able to close on your home. Make sure you place the money for the completion of your punch list into escrow so you can move into your new home and still require the builder to fix all unreasonable flaws.

Typical Build Timeline:

  1. Site is prepared and foundation is poured. Inspection one is during this step: a city inspector will visit your home site to ensure the foundation components are to code and installed correctly.
  2. Rough framing is completed.
  3. Rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are completed. Inspections two, three, and four are completed during this phase. Inspectors will make sure the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems are to code.
  4. Insulation is installed.
  5. Drywall and interior features are completed. Exterior finishes begin.
  6. Interior trim is completed and installation of exterior driveways and walkways is done.
  7. Hard surface flooring and countertops are placed and exterior grading is completed.
  8. Mechanical trims are completed and bathroom fixtures are installed.
  9. Mirrors, shower doors, and the final phasing of the flooring are hung up, placed, and finished. Exterior landscaping is completed.
  10. Final walk through.

We hope these tips prove helpful in making you feel more confident in your decision to buy a new home and assist in your home building process. If you’re interested in purchasing a new Henderson home, contact our award-winning builders; they’d love to get started on the house of your dreams!


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