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August 30, 2018

6 of the Most Thrilling Things to Do in Vegas, and None Are on the Strip

When you have a house in Las Vegas, you not only get to experience all the great amenities The Strip has to offer — world-renowned dining and entertainment, a growing art scene, and exciting nightlife to name a few —, but you can also enjoy experiences that are off the beaten path. More specifically, we’re talking about unique adrenaline-inducing adventures. We’ve rounded together the six most thrilling activities to do near your Inspirada home.

Cruise Through Red Rocks
Most Las Vegans have been to the Red Rock National Conservation Area. But, have you ever toured the area on a colorful scooter? Imagine zipping through the 13-mile stretch of red rock beauty and feeling the wind in your hair.

Red Rock Scooter Tours offer tours and even a free riding lesson if you’ve never been on a scooter. It’s the perfect way to enjoy some of the beauty our area has to offer, in a new way.

Sail on a Dry Lake Bed
What? Sailing on a dry lake bed? Allow us to explain.

DeTour Vegas, a top-rated tour group in the area, offers land sailing tours. The equipment is essentially a reclined seat on wheels, with a sail attached. With the addition of a little wind and the right environment, you can get some serious mileage and fun.

Participants of DeTour Vegas’s land sailing tour are transported to nearby Prim, 40 miles outside of Vegas, to sail on dry lake beds. If you’re not convinced that land sailing sounds exciting enough to satiate your adrenaline-pumping ways, the world record speed of 126 mph while land sailing was reached in Prim. It’s a green way — no gasoline required — to have a thrilling afternoon in Vegas.

Operate Some Serious Machinery
Have you’ve ever driven by a construction site and thought ‘man I wish I could operate that bulldozer’? Well, we have great news! Dig This in Vegas offers the experience to operate construction machinery.

The minimum age to operate is 8 years (and 48 inches tall) so you can bring the whole family. Different experiences are offered, ranging from obstacle courses — which include using the equipment to stack tires on a pole — or to going all out and crushing a car with an excavator.

Soar Over the Desert
Get a bird’s eye view of the desert by driving to nearby Boulder City for a zip line excursion at Flightlinez. The highly-rated tour includes a safety lesson and a short 15-minute hike to reach the top of Red Mountain at 3,800 feet above sea level. This is where the zip lines start. The tour includes a total of four separate zip lines.

Those who have completed the tour rave about how the guides are entertaining and often crack jokes to help calm nerves. They also say the views are spectacular and the rides are adrenaline-inducing.

Tours are offered in the morning, midday, and late afternoon. Moonlight zip line tours are available around the full moon. Plus, you automatically receive a local’s discount if you drive to their location in lieu of the option tourists are given to be picked up from The Strip. 

Rev Your Engine Through Sand Dunes
Las Vegas ATV Tours offers ATV tours in Clark County. Zoom through sand dunes and canyon trails and get a glimpse of fighter planes overhead from the Nellis Air Force Base.

The tours are highly-rated and those that have been through the experience gush about how fun it is.

If you’ve never been on an ATV, tour guides provide safety procedures and help throughout the tour. You even have an option to let them drive so you can just enjoy the ride.

Free Fall
If you really want to get that adrenaline pumping, skydiving is admittedly one of the best ways to accomplish the task. Skydive Vegas is serious about safety and is highly-rated by over 500 people on Trip Advisor. They’re located in Boulder City, so it’s a quick trip from the neighborhood. Plus, they even include the option to add on video and photos — so you can see what your face looks like flying through the air.

Regardless of where in Las Vegas your house is located, you have easy access to some thrilling adventures just waiting to happen. Just don’t forget to relax afterward. Might we suggest laying by the pool or visiting one of the neighborhood parks?

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