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June 19, 2018

Let’s Talk About Inspirada’s Walkability


When you mix the walkability typically found within a city block with the luxury of owning a home — complete with a backyard, multiple bedrooms, and neighborly friendliness — something kind of remarkable happens: a community is created. We built the Inspirada community with the residents in mind, so don’t expect typical suburban life with your car keys permanently attached to your hip.

Instead, you’ll be busting out your walking shoes or hopping on your bike to visit the local coffee shop, shop the farmers’ market, or enjoy the park. Check out all the places you can walk to as an Inspirada resident:

Farmers’ Market
There’s nothing like shopping for your produce and pantry staples from local vendors. You’re supporting the local economy and eating fresh. Now, imagine getting to walk or bike to visit your neighborhood market! When in season, the Fresh52 Farmers Market happens bimonthly at Solista Park in Inspirada and hosts around 30 vendors.

Dog Parks
Being a homeowner has tons of perks, especially if you have a canine in the family. A backyard provides ample opportunity for your dog to get outside daily and stretch their furry little legs. Inspirada residents have the luxury of enjoying two dog parks within the community, located in Aventura and Capriola Parks. Many Inspirada residents have a pup in the family, so the dog parks are great spots to meet or catch up with your neighbors and for your pooch to make some furry friends of their own.

With over 35 miles of trails — and counting — to bike and walk, the Inspirada community offers ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. Additionally, the Inspirada Overlook provides city, desert, and mountain vistas to enjoy.

If all of those 35 miles and the overlook aren’t enough to satiate your enthusiasm for the outdoors, just 10 minutes away is the Sloan Canyon Conservation Area featuring over 48,000 acres of land with trails touting desert views and historic petroglyphs believed to have been created in the Archaic period.

Childrens’ Play Areas
If you have young ones, you know the constant battle of fighting the “I’m bored” syndrome. Luckily for Inspirada parents, all four of Inspirada’s parks feature kids’ play areas. Children can climb, balance on ropes, play on oversized pianos, jump on trampolines, and more.

Athletic Pursuits
For those who enjoy competing and sharpening their athletic skills, Inspirada offers basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, soccer fields, and even little league diamonds for youth teams. Also, if you consider lawn and leisure games an athletic endeavor, bocce ball courts and game tables are available in Solista Park.

Skate Park
There’s even a spot for teenagers looking to nail their kickflip. Inspirada has a teen skate park at Potenza Park.

Staying Cool
We all know how summer days in Henderson can get a bit toasty. Thankfully, the Inspirada community offers multiple ways to cool down. Every park offers either a splash pad or pool, and sometimes both! Enjoy lap pools, play pools, and HOA pools — just don’t forget the sunblock. In the winter, enjoy the heated pools.

The Clark County School District is known for its exemplary schools. Inspirada residents have the additional benefit of having schools right here within the community.


Regardless of where you’re tempted to lace up your walking shoes to visit, Inspirada has something for you. Check out the Inspirada community map to see some of our favorite neighborhood destinations!

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