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October 11, 2016

Jolly Beans Café Has New Owners!

Inspirada is a tight-knit, active Henderson community that doesn’t just stand for living inspired, but for inspiring the lives of its residents. Like with residents Heidi and Edwin Enrile who, through the relationships they’ve fostered and connections they’ve made in Inspirada, have just taken over ownership of Jolly Beans Café!

Both Heidi and Edwin are active members of the Inspirada community, have full-time jobs in real estate, have three boys under 7, and are now the new owners of Jolly Beans Café. The café, located in Solista Park, is a favorite among residents and visitors alike. It’s a meeting place for the community with a full kitchen, coffee and tea bar, and a new, extremely popular donut and Brooklyn Bagel selection.

The Enrile family moved to Inspirada almost three years ago, aspiring to be a part of an active and welcoming community with amenities that their children could grow into. Now their two older sons, seven-year-old Marcus and five-year-old Parker, play in the Durango Soccer League. While 18-month-old Carter is too young to join in, he still has plenty of fun chasing after them on the field. Marcus even attends Pinecrest Academy Inspirada, just east of Aventura Park. The Enrile’s have found a community unlike any other—a community that not only inspired them to take over the operation of Jolly Beans Café but in a way, made it possible.

Gilbert Zhang, the previous owner of both Jolly Beans and Central Bark, was a known and loved resident, who was as sad to leave Inspirada as the community was to see him go. Gilbert wanted the business to stay in Inspirada hands, which helped Heidi and Edwin beat out three other competitors for the café. But their shared ZIP code wasn’t the only thing that Gilbert saw in the Enrile’s.

“It just sort of meshed with our backgrounds,” said owner Heidi, “and we had all these really big ideas that we told him we wanted to do. They were the things he wanted to do if he had the chance to stay.”

Their success as the new owners is due in part to their connections and involvement within the community. “It became really organic because it wasn’t about the business first, it was always about our relationships first,” Heidi said while discussing the café. “There were so many things that weren’t going to work out and then they did at the very last minute so we said, you know what, let’s just ride the wave. That’s how we knew it was meant to be.”

Before Jolly Beans’ grand opening, less than one year ago, the Enrile’s said they had a feeling about the empty storefront on Via Firenze; they always envisioned a coffee shop at that location. Now the Enrile’s are making the vision of three residents, and owners, a reality as they continue to embrace the changes they’re seeing and creating not only for their business but also within the community as a whole.

Come check out Jolly Beans Café for yourself at 2016 Via Firenze in the active Henderson community of Inspirada. The café is open Monday-Saturday from 6:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. and on Sundays from 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Jolly Beans will also be hosting this year’s pumpkin decorating event for Inspirada residents on October 22nd from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. so bring the family and get into the Halloween spirit!

Expect more exciting fall events and big changes for both Jolly Beans and Central Bark! Follow Jolly Beans on Facebook and check out our events calendar for more Inspirada fun.

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