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October 5, 2020

Meet Jolly Beans Café Owners and Real Inspirada Residents

When Heidi and Edwin Enrile first moved to Inspirada, a strong sense of community immediately stood out to them. In fact, they loved it so much that they decided to buy Jolly Beans Café a little over four years ago. Learn more about the Enrile family and why they decided to call this tight-knit community home.

More Than Four Walls

After Heidi and Edwin’s third son was born, they wanted space and amenities beyond just a backyard. When they visited a few parks within Inspirada, it became evident that the community would be an extension of their home.

“Inspirada is a place where we could be outside but not be exposed to busy traffic or commerce,” says Heidi. “Truly, we can allow our boys to ride their bikes around the neighborhood and not worry so much about their general safety.”

The beautiful grounds weren’t the only thing that drew Heidi and Edwin to Inspirada, though. They also loved the proximity to Pinecrest Academy and other local conveniences. “We feel so fortunate to have gotten in this 5-star, constantly top-rated school for our boys,” says Heidi. “This, combined with an uncommon tightly knit community of neighbors, sealed the deal for us.”

A Place Where Neighbors Become Friends

One of the unique things about Inspirada is that no matter where you come from, you will quickly become friends with your neighbors. Don’t be surprised if they invite you to dinners, events, and even ask you to join social groups shortly after you move in.

“To this day, it’s easy to be invited to parks on playdates or birthdays because those same kids are in our sons’ classes or sports teams,” says Heidi. “It’s wonderful to know that if their friends need help or vice versa, or if I need help with carpool, all the families are connected through Inspirada.”

A True Neighborhood Café

Heidi and Edwin loved Inspirada so much that they ended up buying the community’s favorite coffee shop, Jolly Beans Café, in September 2016. Located in Solista Park, Jolly Beans Café is a popular meeting place for the community. It features a full kitchen, coffee and tea bar, and a very popular donut selection.

Jolly Beans Café isn’t just any ordinary coffee shop, though. It’s a true neighborhood café. “Being a neighborhood café means not only being an eatery or a stop-in place,” says Heidi. “It means that we know most people’s names; we know their families. It also means we have a personal pulse on what’s going on. These are our neighbors, and we care for them as such in addition to treating them as customers.”

Heidi and Edwin truly exemplify what it means to be a good neighbor. They enjoy being able to offer a hand when someone needs exposure to a cause or simply meet a fellow neighbor to exchange goods.

“When we help each other, we become closer and get to know each other better,” says Heidi. “We love participating in anything that helps this become a better place for us, our families, and friends. There aren’t many things more rewarding than bringing others together for a greater good.”

Want to hear more about Heidi and Edwin and how they turned the idea of community into a family business after buying Jolly Beans Café? Head over to the Inspirada community YouTube channel to hear their story.

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