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January 14, 2018

Here’s How to Get Connected to the Henderson Community

It can seem difficult to get involved in a community, even when you’re living in it. Maybe you just moved into your new Henderson home or you’ve been a resident for years. Henderson is a very welcoming community so it’s easier than most, but sometimes the task can still seem overwhelming. For those shuddering at the thought of putting yourself out there or simply don’t know where to start, we have some simple ways to integrate yourself into the Henderson community.

Volunteering your time with local organizations is a great way to get connected and help a nonprofit. If you don’t feel like you have any skills to offer, think again! Sometimes nonprofits simply need help with small tasks like cleaning, replacing light bulbs, and acting as greeters. A whole bunch of small acts, compiled can make a big impact! Serving the community is a great way to feel a part of the community. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this blog on local non-profits.

Specialize Your Volunteering
Once you’ve tried volunteering at a few nonprofits, you should have a good idea of which organizations and tasks are the best fit for you. Decide on one or two organizations to spend your volunteer hours so you can get to know the people at the organization and fellow volunteers better.

Be Neighborly
Meet your neighbors. Say hi when you see them, offer to check in with their dog or hold their mail when they mention an upcoming trip.

Step Away From The iPhone
We live in the “most connected” time of history, and yet many of us feel more disconnected than ever. Social media is a platform for most people to glorify their lives and to make themselves feel better with each like: it’s usually not a space to find a connection with a living, breathing person. Step away from technology and spend more time outside of your digital world. Meet your neighbors, spend your mornings being friendly and smiling at people instead of checking your email on your smartphone when you’re waiting in line at Jolly Mart.

Take a Class
The City of Henderson offers adult intramural sports teams and a slew of classes for a variety of interests at an affordable price. Take one that interests you to learn a new skill and meet new people. There are plenty of ways to get active and get connected with Henderson neighbors, check out the bottom of this blog out for ideas.

Attend an Event
Henderson always has something going on. Whether you’re interested in running, music, shopping, the farmers market, or anything in between, you’re bound to find an event that you’ll enjoy. Having a group of people with similar interests is a great way to meet people, especially when neighborhood community associations host them. For example, the Inspirada Community Association puts on multiple events throughout the year for residents.

We hope this list helps you get connected to the community and discover some new friendships. If you’re an owner of a new Henderson home, welcome! We’d love to meet you. Check out our events calendar to view upcoming events in Henderson and at Inspirada!

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