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January 6, 2018

How to Keep Your Resolutions [Plus Henderson Exercise Classes and Sports Groups]

If you let out a heavy sigh each time you drive by an active Henderson community member running or feel pangs of what can only be explained as food guilt when you accept a free donut at the office, you may be experiencing what is medically known as I-can’t-believe-I-already-can’t-stick-to-my-new-years-resolution syndrome. If you find yourself already struggling with keeping your New Year’s resolution for a healthier you, we’re here to say: we feel ya and, also, we’re here to help!

Let’s be honest here, the shift from average diet and recreational time spent to one filled with an abundance of vegetables and weekly hours spent on an exercise program isn’t easy. It’s a massive lifestyle change. So, it’s going to take every tool in the arsenal to overcome its difficulties. If you’re serious about making a change, here are some tips to make it happen. Additionally, we’ve included some Henderson gyms, sports groups, and exercise classes to get your workout on.

Grab a Partner
Having someone else with you, fighting the good fight, is a great way to work towards any goal. Healthy eating and working out is no different. Text each other to talk each other off the metaphorical cookie dough cliff ledge, or schedule a workout date by meeting for a run in the neighborhood, a hike nearby, or at an exercise class. Not only will you help keep each other accountable, but you will also benefit from socializing with a friend, making the shift of working out consistently not seem so painful.

Make it a [Healthy] Habit
Often times, to make something stick, you have to trudge through and do the activity consistently for 66 days in order to successfully make it a habit. After that point, it becomes expected, automatic even. Grab a calendar and add a sticker, an “x,” or a number (1 through 66) on each day you complete your fitness workout goal.

Small Wins Work Towards Big Goals
While wanting to achieve healthier eating and consistently working out is a great end goal, for some people, it can be a very lofty aspiration given their current lifestyle. Ease yourself into the transition by breaking the ultimate goal into smaller goals. Overcome these smaller goals one at a time, using a step-by-step approach, towards your ultimate goal. For example, if you want to eat healthier, remove one item that you tend to eat at a time instead of trying to remove all the junk items you frequently eat from your diet at once. Or start with a goal of working out once a week, and work your way to five times each week.

A Few Local Ways to Exercise:
The City of Henderson has adult leagues in softball, basketball, flag football and volleyball.

The Stage Star offers a wide variety of dance classes.

The City of Henderson’s Multigenerational Indoor Pool is close to Inspirada.

The Southern Nevada Soccer Association meets for intramural adult soccer.

Find some inner peace at Studio Remixx’s yoga and pilates classes.

The City of Henderson offers tons of inexpensive adult classes in the spring, summer, and fall.

The Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association and Mountain Bike Las Vegas meet to hit trails together.

Hike the beautiful surrounding trails with the Henderson Hiking Group.

Get running by joining the Las Vegas Runners Group.

Rope climbing, bouldering, yoga, and a cardio/weight room can be found at Origin Climb.

Get a Class Pass to go to multiple gyms in the area with one monthly fee.

Get your cycling on at Henderson CYCLEBAR.

Attend kickboxing, self-defense, martial arts, and more classes at The Pit 702.

Find your inner ballerina at barre classes at Pure Barre.

Crossfit2Serve members meet to work out and serve the community through volunteer efforts.

2018 is your time to shine! So, lace up your shoes, grab some water, and join our active Henderson community! We’ll see you at the Inspirada parks and trails!

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