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October 26, 2015

Welcome Jolly Beans — Our First Café!

Inspirada has been eagerly anticipating Jolly Beans Café, opening at Solista Park on Friday, November 6th.

It’s been an exciting journey in the making for Inspirada resident Gilbert Zhang, as he and his partners leased retail space within Solista Park and began the process of working with the community, city of Henderson and various local design and construction teams to complete the vision. One space will be primarily a coffee and beverages café, with food offerings coming soon. Menus are still in the works, but be sure to like our Facebook page for more updates!

Solista Park was the perfect location for Gilbert, with its shaded outdoor pavilion, nearby resident community center and play area, and resident-only pools within view. With bocce ball courts, game tables, and covered and uncovered picnic areas, a coffee shop is a perfect addition to this well-loved park.

Gilbert has had his eye on Inspirada for a while now. He started home shopping three years ago when his employer, Zappos.com, moved their offices to downtown Las Vegas. Although he liked the homes at Inspirada, at the time he opted for a home in central Las Vegas. However, two of his friends did end up moving into Inspirada. As Gilbert spent several years attending parties, visiting friends, and seeing the evolution of the Inspirada community, he and his wife started rethinking their decision. They noted the appeal of Inspirada’s small-town vibe and that Inspirada doesn’t feel anything like bustling Las Vegas.

“I saw how it was building out, with more parks, more people moving in, and I loved it so much,” he says.

Last year the Zhangs decided to join the community of Inspirada, and purchased a home. They also spotted the available retail space at Solista Park and saw potential; Gilbert and his wife had always wanted to be small business owners, and it seemed everything was falling into place.

With a lot of hard work, support from family and friends, vision, and a dream to be part of a warm, welcoming community, the Zhangs are well on their way. Neighbors come by every day to see how he’s doing, and lending support. He’s taken neighborhood recommendations very seriously, and working toward building out a full kitchen to start offering food—the biggest request.

Jolly Beans has been a year in the making, and for Gilbert and his family it’s been a very special time. He remembers his wife expecting their first baby at the same time they first saw the retail spaces that was to become their exciting entrepreneurial vision. Today, that custom-designed space will soon open as Jolly Beans, and his little girl will be celebrating her first birthday! Now that’s Living Inspired!

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