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December 23, 2018

A Hot Cocktail You’ll Love, Based on the Type of Inspirada Home You Own

Hot cocktails have a way of making your home extra cozy and offer a warm welcome to any guests this holiday season. 

We’re borrowing some of the magic of the season to recommend the perfect hot cocktail based off your Inspirada home.

Pardee Homes
If your home was built by Pardee Homes, you’re probably drawn to clean lines, minimalist designs. You’ve thought about or already have a capsule wardrobe. Your home features an emphasis on neutrals with some natural elements. Your home’s aesthetic makes people feel tranquil when they walk in. 

Your Hot Cocktail Drink: A warm-spiced vanilla cocktail. This cocktail has a beautiful warm white hue, poured in a white mug the cocktail looks chic yet appetizing. 

KB Home
Do you own a home by KB Home? Your home feels warm, traditional — with a twist —, and comfortable. Your friends feel like they can relax when they come inside because it’s so welcoming. You’re traditional, but not stuffy. Your home may have a few pieces that have been passed down through the generations of your family. 

Your Hot Cocktail Drink: Spiked hot chocolate. Choose from this Mexican hot chocolate featuring tequila and cinnamon or this cocoa with Kahlua and hazelnut liquor and brimming with festive elements like boozy marshmallows — it’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Toll Brothers
If your Inspirada home is a Toll Brothers home, you probably have a home curated with unique items you’ve gathered from your travels. You like to be bold and dramatic yet timeless. You’re often hosting friends and family for dinner parties. And you’re probably the person people go to for a wine recommendation

Your Hot Cocktail Drink: Mulled wine. The jewel tone of the mulled wine will look lovely in a copper mug. This recipe features wine and a pomegranate liqueur. Garnish with a star of anise, a fresh orange slice, and a twig of evergreen. 

Century Communities
You rock the trends before everyone else. You’re not afraid to think outside of the box or try something unique in your home. You view your house as a space to experiment; you’re not afraid to try a bold color in your home or go against the grain. Your home is a space where people like to have fun. 

Your Hot Cocktail Drink: Spiked hot apple cider. With the warm, bright orange color of this cocktail and the crystal candy topper, this hot cocktail screams fun. 

Beazer Homes 

If you own a house by Beazer Homes, you’re hard to put in a box. You’re drawn towards designs that are timeless, clean, and modern, but when it comes to your home’s décor and furnishings you may veer off into many different styles. 

For example, you may be drawn towards glam elements, like tufted headboards and faux sheepskin rugs. The rooms in your home probably have cohesion with a color scheme, but you may have a traditional chair paired with an art deco inspired coffee table. 

Your Hot Cocktail Drink: A “Christmas” mule. This cocktail features flavors like ginger, pear, and cinnamon. Despite the melody of flavors, the drink is simplistic in color scheme. So, how’d we do? Did we do a good job matching a hot cocktail you’d like to try with your Inspirada home? Looking for more festive things to do this season? Check out our Las Vegas Advent calendar.

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