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April 16, 2021

Explore Why Tennis and Pickleball Are Perfect for All Ages

Looking for a sport that the whole family can participate in? Tennis and pickleball are two great options that encourage cardiovascular activity and helps everyone stay fit. Explore our guide to learn the difference between the two racquet sports, along with where you can find tennis lessons within the Inspirada community.

What Is the Difference Between Tennis and Pickleball?

Most people are familiar with tennis from watching the U.S. Open or following big names like the Williams sisters. Pickleball is a little less known, although it’s just as fun and exciting to play.

Pickleball differs from tennis in a few ways. For one, you serve underhand in pickleball. You play doubles matches on the same-size court in pickleball, rather than opening a doubles alley like you would in tennis. Finally, pickleball has a designated “no-volley zone,” where the ball can land only after bouncing once, much like ping-pong.

Pickleball equipment is also a bit different. Unlike the fuzzy rubber balls in tennis, pickleballs are less bouncy and made of plastic. You also use a paddle in pickleball rather than a racquet.

Speaking of equipment, you might be curious about equipment costs. Compared to other sports like golf or baseball, tennis and pickleball are very affordable. Plenty of reputable names, like Wilson, sell quality rackets for under 20 dollars. Pickleball paddles are similarly priced. Pickleball and tennis balls are also relatively inexpensive. You can find packs of tennis balls for a little over a dollar.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes, either. Buddy the Ball, a sports apparel company, offers a wide range of affordable options for those who want to dress the part without spending hundreds of dollars.

Why Racquet Sports Are Great for Families

Racquet sports have several benefits that range from physical to social support. Both are great ways for kids to stay in shape because they involve a lot of running, keeping kids healthy and active. Tennis and pickleball also foster healthy social and psychological benefits. Tennis classes help kids connect with other children in a competitive environment.

But kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy tennis and pickleball. The whole family can pick up a racquet and join in. These sports not only bring families together, but it also keeps everyone active. It’s also a great way for young people to engage with older family members since it’s an activity both age groups can enjoy.

Additionally, tennis and pickleball also support “doubles” matches where teams of two can play against each other. If you have two or more children, each parent can team up with a child for support – or get competitive with a kids vs. adults game.

Inspirada Has Lessons for All Ages

Tennis has a reputation of being a fancy sport – and there’s some truth to that. But that doesn’t mean you have to belong to a swanky tennis club to learn the sport.

Inspirada has plenty of parks throughout the community for residents to play a few rounds. Capriola Park, for example, is designed to keep families active. Along with sports courts and a splash pad for kids to cool down, the park also features full-sized tennis courts.

If you are looking for lessons, Passion Tennis offers affordable classes for all levels right in the heart of Capriola Park. Coach Matt Springer has over 30 years of experience teaching tennis and is a coveted USPTA Industry Excellence Award Winner. He has even introduced tennis to over 15 local schools around the Las Vegas area.

Tennis and pickleball are two activities the whole family can enjoy. Are you looking for the perfect home with tennis courts nearby? Explore Inspirada’s inventory of move-in ready homes in West Henderson to find your new home base.

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