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January 16, 2018

Top 9 Things to Know Before Moving to Inspirada

Our Inspirada community is pretty unique. No, really. When you move into the neighborhood, it’s not just a new home, it’s a lifestyle change. If you’re considering moving in or you’re in the process of building a home, we’ve compiled the top 9 ways your life will change as a resident in Inspirada.

You’ll Walk More
With a farmers market, café, parks, 35 miles of trails, a convenience store, and schools all within the community, you’ll find yourself ditching the car keys more and lacing up your sneakers. We suggest investing in a new pair of walking shoes!

Prepared to be [Pleasantly] Surprised
If you think that Inspirada is great now, wait until next year. We’re still growing! More parks, schools, and trails are to come.

More Neighborly Love
Inspirada is a community, not just a neighborhood. It’s not uncommon for neighbors to wave hello as you drive by them as they walk the sidewalks. The Inspirada Community Association often hosts opportunities to meet and mingle with your neighbors, and friendships are often formed among residents throughout the community.

You’ll Have a lot of Four-Legged Friends
If you think your neighbors are great, wait till you meet their dog. At Inspirada, many families have pups and they can be spotted at the market and dog parks, for a walk through the trails, and on the Jolly Beans patio. Some of the homebuilders even offer customizations on homes for families with four-legged members.

Your Breath Will be Taken Away by Nature More Often
Inspirada has many pockets of breathtaking views. The Inspirada Overlook is a great spot for taking in surrounding desert vistas, mountains, and scenic city views. We’re also a 10-minute drive to the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, where residents often visit to immerse themselves in natural beauty.

Your Calendar
With bi-weekly farmers markets, residents-only events, and the City of Henderson’s robust event calendar, your schedule is going to fill up more quickly! Click here to view our calendar, updated monthly!

It’s Green
Yes, we live in a desert, but you might not know it driving around Inspirada. We’ve designed the community with desert-friendly landscaping that brings in color, and a lot of it. Additionally, the City of Henderson is known for their abundant trees and parks, four of which — and counting — are in Inspirada.

Friends of All Ages
Because we have such a variety of home offerings, people are attracted to the neighborhood that are at different life seasons, and ages of residents vary greatly. This isn’t your typical subdivision; we’re comprised of a mix of singles, golden years retirees, young couples and families, and everything in between.

There’s No Place Like Home
With all the amenities in our community, it will be difficult to leave the home base. Better still, with all the options to customize your house, you’ll have a hard time leaving your front door.

If a walkable, friendly environment, a variety of new friends, and access to a farmers market, trails, and four parks packed with amenities sounds appealing, then the Inspirada community may be the place for you to call home. Take a gander at our available homes!

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