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March 28, 2018

6 Ways to Train and Play With Your Dog at the Dog Park

If you’re a resident at Inspirada, there’s a good chance you’re a dog owner. Many of our homeowners have four-legged family members, making Henderson dog parks a popular stop. With two dog parks and acres of dog-friendly trails located in Inspirada, it’s easy to let your pup play with their furry friends.

Make the most out of the space with these 6 ways to train and play with your dog at the dog park.

Before You Head Out
Some of these tips we list require a little homework first. You will want to train your dog to pay attention to you even when there are distractions.

Teach them how to listen to you and stay. Of course, you’re going to need to practice this often and in different locations before they master the skill.

Bring a bag with collapsible bowls for water breaks, tennis balls, frisbees, a harness and leash, treats, and a clicker and treat pouch for training. When searching for treats, go for a high-quality dog food as they make appetizing and inexpensive treats, like this.

Catch a Frisbee Mid-Air
You know those dog-food commercials where the canine catches the frisbee just-so in the air? You thought the notion of your dog doing that gymnastic-feat was ludicrous at best. It’s not. It may seem like an odd concept, but you just need to train your dog on a frisbee.

Fetch Fido, Fetch!
Because it’s fenced and large the dog park is the perfect spot to play a game of fetch with your pup. If your dog doesn’t seem to enjoy playing fetch or understand the concept, you’ll need to train them. This process can take many sessions, but if you keep at it, you’ll have a very sleepy dog at the end of your dog park trips.

Clicker Training
Have you used a clicker for dog training? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a small button that, when pushed on, emits a ‘click’ noise. It’s a great tool to use when trying to convey to your dog that you like what they’re doing. When paired with treats, it makes a powerful training tool.

After introducing your dog to the tool, bring the clicker and treats with you to the dog park to train your dog in an outdoor setting.

Best in Show
If you want to impress future guests and fellow dog park visitors, train your dog to weave through poles. You know, like what you see on dog shows. This video breaks it down into four simple steps and you can buy dog weaver poles here.

Off-Leash Training
Many of us wish our dog would magically stay next to us and come to us when we take off their leash. Unfortunately, that will not happen unless you take the time to train your dog. You’ll need a long lead and something tempting for your dog to play fetch with — a tennis ball, frisbee, etc.

Let ‘Em Play
When there are other dogs at the park, it’s the perfect opportunity for your dog to get out some energy and play with a new pal. Make sure you watch your dog at all times. Step in if you see any bad behaviors or notice your dog feeling overwhelmed.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your dog when visiting one of the Henderson dog parks in Inspirada, just make sure you guys are having fun!

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