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August 10, 2018

Spotlight on the Schools Most Inspirada Parents Choose

As summer comes to a close, parents in our Inspirada community are beginning to gear up for the upcoming school year. For many families, a large draw for moving into a home in Henderson is the schools.  

Henderson’s Clark County School District (CCSD) offers some of the best public schools in the state. Inspirada residents can also choose from local charter and private schools.  

Parents have many options when deciding which schools to send their children near their Inspirada homes. Some popular options Inspirada families choose include:  

Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary
The newest school on the block, Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary is right in the Inspirada neighborhood. The school has approximately 600 students, aged pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. This is the first CCSD school located inside Inspirada. The school features more than 50 classrooms, technology labs, and offers after-school programs like yoga, Spanish, robotics, golf, and drama.  

Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary in Nevada, renowned for its academic excellence, will welcome about 185 students from Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary due to proposed boundary changes. The Attendance Zone Advisory Commission voted in favor of the adjustments in 2023. We’re excited to expand Inspirada’s educational offerings to Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary!

Pinecrest Academy Inspirada
Also located in the neighborhood, Pinecrest Academy Inspirada is a charter school for students aged kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is the first charter school in Nevada to receive Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Nevada STEM school designation. Pinecrest Academy’s math and reading test scores are far above the state’s average.  

Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon
Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon is a renowned educational institution nestled in the scenic Sloan Canyon area. This prestigious academy offers a comprehensive curriculum, fostering intellectual growth and character development. With a strong focus on academic excellence, the school provides students with a nurturing environment and personalized attention. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon is dedicated to cultivating a well-rounded education, emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and community engagement.

Del Web Middle School 

The CCSD middle school Inspirada families are zoned for is Del Webb Middle School. The school has received the highest rating of five stars on the Nevada Department of Education’s School Performance Framework. It’s not uncommon for nearly half of the school’s students to be on honor roll.  

Del Webb‘s advanced band, orchestra, and choir have earned superior ratings at the CCSD music festivals and special education students have been mainstreamed in all science, social studies, and physical education classes. In 2017, their boys’ basketball and junior varsity quiz teams took home the championships in their respective categories.  

Liberty High School
The CCSD high school Inspirada students are zoned for is Liberty High School. The school boasts an 84.5 percent graduation rate compared to the state-wide graduation rate of 73.55 percent and CCSD’s 74.88 percent. With the College of Southern Nevada partnership, students are able to receive college credit for some classes. Liberty is the only school in the CCSD to offer both Italian and Mandarin Chinese language classes.   

Liberty’s football team currently ranks #2 in the state. Other athletic teams like the girls’ basketball, softball, and track and field teams consistently rank among the best in the state.   

Inspirada families have many options when deciding on a top-ranked school to send their children. Use our community map to discover how close the schools are to Inspirada homes. 

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