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May 12, 2017

Clark County’s Newest Elementary School Is at Inspirada!

While students prepare for the summer ahead, Inspirada is getting ready to go back to school. By August 2018, the bright young minds of Inspirada and the surrounding Clark County School District will be trickling into the open doors of one more exceptional institution!

Currently unnamed, the new public elementary school will be located in the heart of the community at Belgrade and Via Italia, right off of Capriola Park. With 53 classrooms and a modern exterior, the building is designed to accommodate 850 students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. Construction is expected to begin in early May and will continue until completion for the 2018-2019 school year!

It’s no secret that, since its inception, the Inspirada community hasn’t stopped growing. Inspirada opened in 2007 and is now home to over 2,500 residents! Inspirada is the master planned community that has it all—and we want to make sure it stays that way!  While we eagerly wait for the new school to open, Inspirada’s students will continue to attend the accredited and acclaimed schools that also call Henderson home. This is the first of four public school sites in the Clark County School District coming to our community in the coming years, so stay tuned for more updates.

Wallin Elementary, an elementary school for the modern age, is built on providing its students with an empowered education by creating a safe, caring, and positive learning environment. Their efforts paid off and Wallin was recently nominated for the Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence. Encouraging the students to host their own farmers’ market, the school’s gardening class housed five fruit and vegetable gardens, a first for any school in the CCSD network.

Del Webb recorded an amazing year with a 100% pass-rate of students who took the high school level classes of Geometry 1 or Algebra 1. The amazing records continue with the Boys’ basketball team winning the CCSD 2107 Championship.

Liberty High School has also been generating headlines with their girls’ bowling team winning the Nevada State Championship. The ladies continued their roll with track and field, thespian, softball, and basketball teams all ranked among the best teams in the state.

Check out their websites to see what they are up to and to get a better flavor of the amazing culture ingrained at these schools. These are precedents that Inspirada’s forthcoming elementary school is excited to meet and help nurture within the Henderson community!

Inspirada’s own Pinecrest Academy, a K-8 school, is the perfect place for Inspirada students to learn in a certified STEAM oriented environment, whether they are continuing or just starting their educational journey!

So no matter where or when, Henderson schools are shaping the best and brightest young minds! For more information on our district and schools, visit the Clark County website. And keep an eye on our blog for more information on Inspirada’s developing elementary school.

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