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May 8, 2018

Meet Inspirada Resident and CCSD Teacher, Jennifer Hiler

A large driving force for families to move to Henderson is the access to reputable schools. Our Inspirada houses are near Henderson schools, so, in the mornings, you can find many families hoping in the car for the short commute, accompanying the little ones to the nearby bus stop, and even walking to the neighborhood charter school.

Jennifer Hiler — a kindergarten teacher at Shirley & Bill Wallin Elementary School — and her family have enjoyed joining the Inspirada community with this morning tradition. A few months ago, the family moved into their KB Home.

A Boulder City native, Jennifer is no stranger to the area. With two sons; James — who entered kindergarten at Wallin Elementary in the fall —, and two-year-old Jakob, the esteemed schools were a large motivation to relocate to Henderson for Jennifer’s family. “I wanted my kids to go to one of the best schools in Nevada,” Jennifer says.

During the workweek, when many of us are sitting in a controlled environment at our desk, Jennifer is managing a group of kindergartens in her classroom. This fall was the start of her 13th year teaching.

“I wanted to be a teacher since first grade,” says Jennifer. Volunteering at elementary schools and spending time in programs with special needs students in high school, Jennifer always had an affinity for teaching, but when the time came for her to enter into college she began to second guess her trajectory.

“My dad was a real driving force because when the time came for college, I debated if I really wanted to go into teaching and my dad reminded me that it would be an awesome career for me since I would want to be a mom,” says Jennifer. “My dad past away when I was 18, and I have this letter from him that says ‘you’re going to be a great teacher.'”

Since that pivotal time of her life, Jennifer has been relentlessly pursuing teaching and pouring into her students. Though, like any job, it’s not without its difficulties. Like many teachers, Jennifer finds the diverse level of learners one of her hardest challenges; “some students come in with minimal skills and they’re excited to learn and grow, while others are already way past the objectives for the year.”

The good news? The kids provide some comic relief during the difficult days. Jennifer laughs as she tells me about a time when she had a student suddenly squat down and have an accident, all the while exclaiming “I’m leaking! I’m leaking!”

We’re reminded of the importance of a teacher’s work when Jennifer shares a time in her career that has impacted her. A former student of hers, one that she formed a connection with during the course of the school year, passed away with leukemia and her parents asked Jennifer to speak at the funeral.

“I had no idea she had leukemia,” says Jennifer. “I loved on that girl. We really connected. She was an old soul,” Jennifer says. She pauses and then tells me, “that experience, seeing her fight, even though I didn’t necessarily know what was going on, that was definitely a transformation for me. Looking at kids, every single day is a gift for them, and sometimes you don’t even know it.”

Jennifer has a real passion for the children she teaches. She thinks about each student and how she would want them treated if they were her own. “Love them as your own” is a rule she lives by.

It’s through the efforts of caring, intentional, and passionate teachers — like Jennifer —, administration, and the surrounding families that make the Henderson school district award-winning. Yes, residents of Inspirada can enjoy their houses near Henderson schools. But, better yet; they get to know that when they see their child off to the bus stop or drop them off at school, that they’ll be spending their day with a teacher like Jennifer Hiler. Explore the accolades of our award-winning schools in Inspirada’s Education Guide.

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