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July 28, 2018

6 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor to the Inspirada Community

Our Inspirada community is known for its welcoming spirit. When a resident moves in, you often find neighbors coming together to meet and welcome the new family. The next time you notice a moving truck and a new family in the neighborhood, go above and beyond with one of these thoughtful welcome presents.   

Local Recommendations
With a move, there are usually some adjustments necessary. The dentist that used to be convenient to your old home is now a 40-minute drive and if you’re coming from out-of-state, you’re having to start from scratch. Help make the transition a little easier by bringing your new neighbor a list of your local favorites.  

Include recommendations for your favorite:  

  • Grocery store  
  • Schools 
  • Doctor 
  • Dentist  
  • Babysitter (if applicable)  
  • Local park 
  • Restaurants 
  • Movie theater 
  • Local groups (example: running or book clubs)  
  • Local events 
  • Hiking trails 
  • Things to do 

 A Welcome Box
Make your new neighbor feel at home with a curated box of local favorites and necessities.  

 Some ideas of items to include:  

  • Flowers or a cactus 
  • Essential toiletries that may have yet to be unpacked  
  • Local favorites:  
  • Beans or grounds from your favorite coffee shop 
  • Bread or pastry from your favorite bakery — go here to choose from classically made baked goods and diet-friendly options like gluten-free 
  • Ethel M. Chocolates 
  • A candle  
  • Gift cards to your favorite local spots 
  • A homemade treat — just make sure you think about potential food allergens
  • An Inspirada-themed welcome basket:  
  • Hummingbird feeder 
  • Blue and green dish towels 
  • Jolly Beans gift card 
  • Produce or panty stables from Fresh 52  farmers’ market   

 Take the Guess Work Out of Takeout
Another gift they’ll love? Paper menus from your favorite restaurants, especially take out or delivery during a move week. Make it easy for them and circle your favorite dishes.  

Include Their Kids
If the new family has children, they’ll have additional worries about their kids fitting in and finding friends.  

If you have kids around the same age, ask your child to invite them to hang out. On their first day of school, ask if they would want to walk with your family.

If you don’t have any kids their age, share the contact information of — with their permission — local families that do. That way, the new neighbor can get a head start on helping their children make new friends.   

Dinner Party
If you want to go the extra mile, plan a dinner party. Ask the new neighbors first if they’d be interested in attending. If they are, find a time that works for you both. Extend the invite to the nearby neighbors. 

The Best Gift?
Your number. Welcome them to contact you with any questions they may have, from recycling day to the quintessential cup of sugar. This is how a community is made.  

We hope these ideas help you forge a new friendship. If you’re looking for one more idea, consider inviting the neighbor to attend one of the upcoming events in the Inspirada community with you.

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