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February 27, 2019

The Most-Asked Questions Potential Buyers Ask Our Sales Centers

Are you searching for a new Vegas home and contemplating making the move to our Inspirada community?

We’re guessing you have a few questions swirling in your mind.

We sat down with one of the KB Home sales center representatives, Jennifer “Jen” Money. Jen is a licensed real estate professional that has been working at the KB Home at Inspirada for nearly 5 years.

Also, she’s an Inspirada homeowner. After getting the job and seeing first-hand how so many people loved living in the neighborhood, Jen wanted to make the move to Inspirada herself.

“We weren’t even in the market and weren’t looking to move. After hearing so many great things about the neighborhood, I said ‘you know what, I really want to live here,’” Jen says. Jen and her family moved into the neighborhood about 4 years ago, so she can offer some great advice to potential buyers.

Below is a list of common questions Jen encounters from potential buyers interested in moving to the Inspirada community.

  1. How much are the HOA dues?

The HOA dues for our communities are as follows:

  • Inspirada Landings, Reserves, and Enclaves: $255* per quarter
  • Inspirada Terraces:$423* per quarter

*Pricing can change, so make sure you ask a sales center representative when you visit. 

We also have a LID (local improvement development) in this community that varies per collection.

Your fees go towards maintaining the community and amenities as well as putting on the many events the Inspirada Community Association manages.

Additionally, the HOA office is in the community. So, if a homeowner needs something, they can simply visit the office and walk right in. “Every time I’ve visited, I’ve been able to sit and talk to someone. I get answers much quicker than if I were to call someone states away or leave a voicemail,” Jen says.

  1. What are the closest grocery stores?

There are a variety of grocery stores within a 10-minute drive of Inspirada

  • Albertsons, 3 miles away from Inspirada
  • Von’s, 7 miles away from Inspirada
  • Costco, 8 miles away from Inspirada
  • Trader Joe’s, 1 mile away from Inspirada
  • Smart & Final, 5 miles away from Inspirada
  • Sprouts Farmers Market, 7 miles away from Inspirada
  • Smith’s, 8 miles away from Inspirada

Plus, don’t forget the fresh52 Farmers’ Market hosted in the Inspirada community!

  1. What future developments will be coming to the neighborhood? Will there be more restaurants and shopping nearby?

An upcoming development that may come to the neighborhood is the Inspirada Town Center. It is scheduled to have both outdoor shopping and restaurants.

Inspirada also allows for easy access to five major highways, I-15, I-215, I-515, SR 582 and SR 564. It is located just minutes from McCarran airport, the Henderson Executive Airport, the famed Las Vegas strip, restaurants, and boutique stores.

To view some of the parks, restaurants, shopping, and schools near the community, check out our map.

  1. What are the nearby schools like?

A large draw for families to move to Henderson is accessing some of the best schools in the state. Families can choose from local private, charter, and public schools.

There are even two schools located inside the neighborhood, Pinecrest Academy Inspirada and Clark County School District (CCSD)’s Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary.

The schools that many Inspirada families choose to send their families include:

  • Wallin Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Pinecrest Academy
  • Del Webb Middle School
  • Liberty High School

You can get a rundown on these schools by visiting this blog or downloading the education guide on this page.

  1. What are the different ways you can get into the neighborhood?

From 146/S. Las Vegas Blvd.you can either take Volunteer Blvd. or the newly connected Via Inspirada into the neighborhood. If coming from S. Eastern, you cantravel through the neighboring community, Anthem, to Inspirada. 

There you have it! These are the most-asked questions from potential buyers. If you’re considering a home at our Inspirada community, there are many home builder options, search our current inventory to find your home.

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