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August 13, 2019

Resident Interview: How 7th Grader Gianna Prepped for First Day Back to School

It’s that time of year again. Summer vacation is drawing to a close and families everywhere are gearing up for the first day back to school.

Whether you are school supply shopping, picking out a new wardrobe, or just trying to wake up on time, everyone gets ready for the school year differently. That’s why we wanted to talk with Gianna Padilla to see how an Inspirada kid prepares for their first day back in the classroom!

Meet Gianna

Gianna Padilla is entering 7thgrade at Del Webb Middle School this year. Gianna and her mom have lived in Inspirada for 9 years now.

Some kids may be hesitant to hit the books again, but not Gianna—she’s excited that school is starting up again. “I recently just got my schedule and I will have classes in art and drama which are the classes I really wanted. I am also excited to reunite with my friends!” According to Gianna, that’s the best part of the new school year, “I love getting to see my friends, learning about art, and other fun school activities.”

Farewell to Summer

Parting with summer is never easy, but this 7thgrader is entering this school year with some amazing memories made over the past few months! Gianna says she enjoyed “going to the dog parks with my puppy Pistachio as well as going to the park with my friends.” She also enjoyed her cousin coming to visit for the first time.

While parks and family time filled these past months with tons of fun, Gianna had one event in mind that really made her summer shine! “The best part of my summer was celebrating my 12thbirthday!”

Preparing for Back to School

To best prepare for the school year, Gianna made some plans. “I had to start waking up early last week before school to try and get my body back on track. I also try and stay organized by planning out things I will need to do when school starts.”

When asked what her favorite school prep step was, Gianna was quick to answer, “Buying my locker decorations because my locker is a representation of what I like!” Creativity is at the center of Gianna’s back to school excitement, from locker decorations to the classes she can’t wait to experience. “The subjects I am looking forward to most are art and drama because I like them both!”

As for her school supply must-haves? Gianna plans to be prepared for anything this year, stocking her backpack with her binder, pencils, and, of course, her class schedule.

How does your family prepare for the first day back to school? For more information on what it’s like to be an Inspirada kid, hear real residents share their “My Inspirada” stories!

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