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November 18, 2014

Changing a Life is Possible during National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month

Nearly 3,000 families in Clark County include children who were fostered and/or adopted, according to county reports. Child welfare advocates hope to shine a spotlight on that number during November,  National Adoption Month, when public campaigns increase awareness of how many children need loving homes.

If individuals or families are interested in helping give a child a home temporarily or permanently, several resources exist in Southern Nevada to help them. Clark County has a website dedicated to fostering and adopting a child, as well as profiles on children who are in need of a home immediately.

For Inspirada families who just want to share their lives with a child who needs a friend, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada provides lots of opportunities. Time spent on Inspirada’s new parks, attending some of Henderson’s festivals or hiking on Southern Nevada’s beautiful trails are just a few of activities that Big Brothers and Big Sisters can do with their Littles.

Changing a life is possible during National Adoption Month. Find out how.

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