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May 18, 2015

Inspired Clubs and Activities


Being a resident at Inspirada means you get access to four large parks, miles of walkable trails, a variety of neighborhoods, multiple heated pools, a Resident Community Center and planned events for both adults and children. There are huge events such as HalloweenMardi Gras and Egg Hunt celebrations where thousands come out to play, “medium” events such as concerts in the amphitheater and wine-and-dines, and intimately sized activities throughout the year, with clubs and activities geared for every age and interest.

Barbra Konrad has lived in Inspirada since October 2007, and moved into one of the first neighborhoods available. Since then, the community has grown quite a bit to more than 2,500 residents and it keeps expanding every day! Barbra heads the Kids Crafts + Storytelling Hour where she wrangles younger children with a program of stories and crafts. She was a third grade teacher for 8 years and has no problem setting up activities for youngsters.

Inspirada has a full-time staff dedicated to creating events for their residents [link to events blog] that are both enriching and entertaining. Children engage in educational programing with the Boredom Bustering activities during spring and summer break. Especially popular is Mad Science, a STEM-focused team that teaches kids about bugs, chemistry, optical illusions and more through fun, play and engagement.

Adults attend events such as cocktail parties and a gardening series with experts from the University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program. There are a variety of free events to bring residents together with a plethora of interests. Barbra says residents’ opinions matter to the Home Owners Association, which functions more as an Inspirada Lifestyle Committee, making event planning a fun and collaborative effort.

Barbra has watched Inspirada grow together as a community and knowing her neighbors makes Barbra feel a part of something that matters; they keep an eye out for one another and love to spend time on their front porches sipping margaritas. It’s this sense of community that makes Barbra feel at home. “Life is more enjoyable with friends,” Barbra says.

Currently, Inspirada’s DIY Crafters’ Club, Book Club, Mom’s Club, Bunco Club, and Knitting Club are especially active. Barbra says there is plenty of programming in the works, and she hopes Inspiradans will continue to create clubs and activities for their fellow residents.

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