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March 6, 2014

Resident excitement builds for new Henderson parks at Inspirada

henderson parksThe overwhelming sentiment at the Jan. 11, 2014, groundbreaking for Inspirada’s new Capriola and Potenza Parks was irrepressible excitement.

At every age, current Inspirada residents were openly enthusiastic about the summertime arrival of acres of amenity-filled Henderson parks within walking distance of their homes. The possibilities for outdoor fun and fitness filled the air, as Inspirada builders and city officials broke ground during a morning ceremony that welcomed more than 200 guests and a 205-pound Newfoundland named Tremont, who was unofficially proclaimed the “dog of Inspirada.”

For Brandon Hammer and his son Avin Hammer, 6, the groundbreaking was further incentive to grow with the community and learn about the larger home offerings planned to accompany the new Henderson parks.

“I was interested in buying (a) bigger (home),” said Brandon, who has lived at Inspirada for three years.

The groundbreaking ceremony landed on Wyatt Haid’s seventh birthday, so he was celebrating having a new place to ride his favorite present, a Furby skateboard. His mother, Michelle Haid, and her partner, Andrew Hunt, and his children, Gavin and Gabe Hunt, were among the first families at Inspirada.

“We moved here for the parks and community spirit,” said Hunt, a tri-athlete. “This park development will be fantastic.”

Capriola and Potenza Parks will join Solista Park to form an integrated park system, which will be a premier attraction and feature of Inspirada. Potenza Park will be packed with three tennis courts, two basketball courts, two soccer/multi-use fields, an inviting picnic area, two ramadas and wide, expansive area just for dogs.

Capriola Park will be packed with three tennis courts, two basketball courts, two soccer/multi-use fields, an inviting picnic area, two ramadas and wide, expansive areas just for you and your favorite dogs. For your little ones, Capriola Park will have a splash pad/water play area and a colorful “discovery” play experience, where activities are spread throughout various outdoor spaces with plenty of tensile shade.

Potenza Park will ignite your active side with a pool, large open spaces and two basketball courts. Potenza Park also welcomes kids of all ages with a play area focused on engaging physical movement and making music through play, plus a special skate plaza designed for teenagers.

Inspirada parents couldn’t wait for another place to play with their children. From James Gyibara planning to bike with his son Gavin, 8, sporting his new spiked helmet, to Corey Mayes planning to kick up water in the splash pads with his two-year-old daughter, Jayson, to Maritza Morales showing her son the new basketball courts, the Henderson parks were already being put to good use – if only in thought.

Gyibara summed it up best. “We just can’t wait.”

Pictured: Andrew Hunt, Gavin Hunt, Gabe Hunt, Wyatt Haid and Michelle Haid

Brandon Hammer and Avin Hammer
Gavin Gyibara
Tremont, the unofficial dog of Inspirada

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