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January 20, 2021

How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In 

Are you curious about how to create a home office that promotes productivity? From finding a comfy chair to choosing the perfect locationthere are several things to consider when designing a functional space. Follow these home office design tips to help transform your area into one that not only meets your needs but also inspires your work. 

Choose Your Location 

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your home office, you may prefer more room and a better view. Two important questions to ask are: Will there be few distractions? And will you actually work in this space? You’ll want to choose a place that is comfortable year-round and promotes productivity. For example, a sunroom may be nice in the spring and summer but having to pack everything up and relocate when the seasons change may be inefficient. Choose a spot that you can designate as a professional work area that separates your work from your personal life. 

Plan What You Need 

Make a list of all the things you’ll need to work efficiently and comfortably in your home office. Start with lighting and proper temperature control. Install a telephone in the space or have a cell phone available. If the room has a window, select window coverings that will allow you to control the amount of light in the area. If you don’t have windows, then you’ll need to come up with an alternative lighting source for your area. Desk lights help reduce eyestrain, which is important to consider when you are staring at a screen for most of the day. 

Sit in Comfort 

Select a chair that is the right height, comfortable, and provides the proper back and arm support for the type of work you’ll be doing. Have a small footstool under your desk if you like to put your feet up. You should even install a slide-out keyboard holder, so your computer keyboard is at the proper height for comfortable use. Don’t forget to position your computer mouse in a place that is accessible and provides cushioning for your wrists. 

Add Personal Touches 

Don’t forget to add some personal touches and color to make the space more inviting. This is your workspace, so you’ll want to surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you. Choose a decorating theme and add window treatments, patterns, and furniture to express that style. Or, identify a favorite hue from a throw pillow, rug, or piece of art and use that paint color up on your walls. You can even store office supplies in decorative baskets or cover boxes with unique fabrics. If you have wall space available, don’t forget to include artwork or photos that you love.  

Get Creative With Storage 

If your home office isn’t swimming in square footage, hang floating shelves on the walls to get office equipment and papers off the desk. Use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important documents within arm’s reach. If you’re a stacker or a filer, get a basket to collect your mail, notes, and papers. For those who prefer a clean workspace, designate a drawer for your “to-do” papers. Metal or wooden cube storage is an alternative to bookshelves and can store knick-knacks, books, or baskets.  

Now has never been a better time to re-think your workspace. Knowing how to create a home office can help you design a space that inspires your work. Are you ready to find your dream home in west Henderson with plenty of room to craft the ultimate work environment? Explore Inspirada’s inventory of move-in ready homes to help you find the perfect home base today. 

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