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February 18, 2014

Helping You Find What You’re Looking For

blog-5Soon all the signs that point to inspired living will be up and heading in the right direction.

At Inspirada, finding the way to the homes, parks and amenities will be as simple as glancing out of the car, looking at a smartphone or following the many directional arrows. Inspirada’s builders are creating a seamless experience of education and interaction that is both attractive and straightforward for those new to the community.

At The Overlook, a modern pavilion overlooking Inspirada, more detailed information on the builders, community, villages, parks and surrounding services will be available.

Here, feel free to browse and take in as much as you’d like about Inspirada, including seeing its planned homes and parks through the lens of a smartphone with new augmented reality technology. Or experience the neighborhood first-hand with the ease of standing maps, signs and banners. Stroll the streets, recreational facilities, villages and models at your own pace.

Walk, drive, browse or click—experience Inspirada your way.

Pictured: Inspirada Landscape Architect Andy Baron, principal of AndersonBaron (standing), leads his team through the design of Inspirada signage and The Overlook.

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