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May 30, 2018

8 Ways to Avoid a Generic Father’s Day in Henderson

The guy who knows the proper way to work a grill, to tie a tie, and how the golf scoring system works: yes, we’re talking dads. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17. If you live in Henderson NV, you know there are plenty of options to celebrate your unique dad in the area. We thought we’d help get the ball rolling and throw in some gift ideas while we’re at it.

Lives Off Coffee Dad

If your dad requires a morning — a mid-morning, and afternoon — cup of joe, start his day off right by taking the whole family to the Inspirada coffee shop, Jolly Beans. Not only does the coffee shop boast a high star rating on Yelp, but even the little ones can join in on the fun by ordering a coffee-free “blender” in flavors like peanut butter dream and frosted cherry.

Gift dad a coffee subscription from Angel’s Cup. Small quantities of coffee are shipped monthly to his door. He then does a blind taste test of the coffee. The bags are numbered, so subscribers can put note flavor profiles and discover the “identity” of the coffee afterward via their app. After a few months, you should start developing a curated sniffer — that’s fancy coffee talk for nose — for where the coffee is grown and the flavor profiles.

Techie Dad
For dads that always have the newest gadget on the market, gift this combo charging dock that charges both his Apple Watch and iPhone. And, it’s less than $25.

Dad — and the rest of the family — will have a blast in this “VR arena” gaming experience. Fight through zombies together or “rogue killer robots” as a team. Best for ages 13 and up. We recommend booking as soon as possible!

For I’d-Rather-be-Golfing Dads

If the dad in your life loves to golf he’ll love this personalized divot tool that also includes a removable marker for placing next to where his ball lands.

Day of, go golfing with dad at one of the many nearby courses. Make sure you book in advance!

The Man Who Loves the Finer Things in Life
Some dads are manly enough to recognize how great the finer things in life are. If this sounds like the dad in your life, take him to get a traditional shave. With features like a relaxing hot towel, shave oil, hot shaving cream, and a finishing cold towel — the experience leans more spa than your neighborhood barbershop. Make an appointment at either The Art of Shaving or with Vinnie the Barber.

Consider giving him a gentlemen’s shave kit for a luxe shaving experience at home or a gift card at MGM’s Whiskey Down for him to enjoy a top-shelf whiskey at their luxe, speakeasy vibe.

For Geek Dads

Support dad’s self-proclaimed nerd title by giving him this STAR WARS inspired tee.

To celebrate Father’s Day, surprise the dad in your life with a trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame and play the classic game of pinball. Play this song on the way as a hint.

The Manliest-Man Dads

Maybe the dad in your life is a jerky-eating man more comfortable camping than in a suit. Take him to a place where you throw axes. No, really. Axe Monkeys is a place where you go to literally throw axes at targets. If you can believe it, kids seven and up are allowed.

If throwing some axes wasn’t enough to let out your dad’s inner manliness, gift him a Man Crate. These sealed wooden crates require some serious brawn to get the gift inside. Once dad opens this one, he’ll get his own axe …to use safely, outside, when camping.

The Clint Eastwood Types

Does dad live for hikes on the weekend, taking in the beauty of our state, and has a deep love of rugged Western movies? Gift him this customizable leather glass sleeve. He’ll feel like he’s the sheriff of the west whether he’s sipping on a pint of beer or simply some lemonade.

The day of, wake up early and put on your hiking shoes. Take him to either the Red Rock Canyon or take the 12-minute drive to the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Master of the Grill Dads

If your dad loves to cook up a mean steak on the grill, give him a custom brander with his initials to sear each of his smoky masterpieces.

The day of, treat him to a some of the finest BBQ in the state or go all out by taking him to one of the many renowned Vegas steakhouses.

From techie dads to dads more comfortable in nature, dads who love to be pampered and dads who’d rather be throwing axes — if you live in Henderson, we have you covered for a Father’s Day he’ll remember for years to come. Finish the day off by playing a round of tennis or one-on-one basketball with dad at our Inspirada parks.

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