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March 22, 2018

How to Celebrate Spring in Vegas

Each year, many parts of the nation look forward to spring showers and an abundance of wildflowers. In Nevada, our spring is a little different, but we do have spring flowers — if you know where to look — and some pretty fantastic weather to take advantage of. There are plenty of ways to celebrate spring, from inside your own Vegas home and outside in the sunshine. Here are 15 ways to celebrate spring in Henderson:

Prepare Your Home
To truly make a season come alive, you need to start at the place you spend the most time: your home.

  • Spring Cleaning
    The springtime is perfect for ridding your house of dust bunnies, or applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls. It’s also a great time to sort through your things and make a donation to your local Goodwill! You can also donate gently-used blankets and towels to your local animal shelter – the City of Henderson Animal Shelter always appreciates donations. Cleaning out your closet can be a refreshing change and make a positive impact on the community!
    While you’re at it, do all those cleaning tasks you always push off for your future self, like cleaning the baseboards or blinds. Use a cleaning schedule to help.
  • Buy a New Candle
    You treat yourself to a new pumpkin-scented candle in the fall and a jolly-inducing scent in the winter, so why not treat yourself to a new candle in the spring? Look for scents featuring your favorite flowers – Yankee Candle’s Pink Peony and Sicilian Lemon are our current favorites!
  • Flower Power
    Have a fresh vase of your favorite flowers sitting on your kitchen counter or bedside table to make your heart a little happier and bring the outdoors in. Arrange flowers yourself to create a statement everyone will think you paid a florist for.

Get Outside
Now that you have a clean, decluttered space filled with happiness-inducing scents and flowers, let’s get outside while the weather is still great.

  • Plant Something
    Add some extra color to your yard and plant something. Go ahead, get dirt under your nails and feel the sunshine – you’ll be amazed by how good it feels.
  • Picnic
    Mix things up and bring a lunch to your favorite park with friends and family. Decide on a menu (for an Instagram-perfect picnic, check out this blog). Both Solista and Capriola Parks at Inspirada have picnic areas.
  • Get Moving
    If you live in Inspirada, it’s very easy to get moving in the great outdoors. Explore the 35 miles of trails by bike or foot, hike at nearby Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, or visit one of the four parks with over 85 acres of amenities and green space.
  • Fly a kite
    We can’t think of anything more picturesquely spring than flying a kite. All four of our parks have open green spaces perfect for giving it a whirl.
  • Swing
    Head to the nearest play area and let yourself swing on the swing set. Don’t be surprised if it makes you feel like a kid again!
  • Bird Viewing
    Head to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve to spy a feathery friend and walk the tranquil grounds.
  • See Some Flowers
    If you’re looking to find spring wildflowers, we certainly have them! Hike this trail during the wildflower season to see some colorful flowers. You can also spot flowers at this botanical garden or this free-to-visit garden.

Eat Seasonally
With swimsuit season approaching, and the access to fresh veggies and fruit, spring is the perfect time to incorporate seasonal ingredients into your meals.

  • Farmers’ Market
    With swimsuit season approaching, and the access to fresh veggies and fruit, spring is the perfect time to incorporate seasonal ingredients into your meals. Shop local so you can eat fresh and support local business. Visiting the Fresh52 Farmers’ Market at Inspirada is the perfect start to a spring day.
  • Spring Recipes
    Use this recipe guide to find some ideas on meals incorporating seasonal fruits and veggies.

Start Fresh
Spring is the perfect time to try a hobby, visit a new city, and focus on yourself.

  • Try a New Hobby
    You know that thing you’ve been meaning to try, but you keep pushing off? You should do it. Find some fun ideas in the community or if you want something to get yourself moving, check out this blog.
  • Focus on Yourself
    Yoga and especially meditation are trends that have had sustained popularity as people and science continue to recognize the benefits they have on your body and mind. Carve out daily time for mediation. Even 5 minutes a day has been shown to have great benefits.
  • Plan a Trip
    Scheduling a trip to a city that’s been on your getaway list is always exciting, especially if you plan on leaving when the temperatures heat up. Use this guide to local wonders nearby for finding a road trip-worthy spot.

Don’t let spring pass you by without celebrating the season in and outside of your Vegas home. If you’re still searching for ways to celebrate the season, consider a community event. Visit our online calendar to find local events this spring!

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